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Running a business is often stressful enough. Business insurance coverage is meant to relieve some of this stress and ensure you are protected from property losses or lawsuits. However, insurance companies may often work to pay as little as possible.

If your business has suffered a loss and you need to file an insurance claim, or your insurer has denied or refused to fully pay your claim, you should call the experienced Round Rock business insurance attorneys from Zinda Law Group at (800) 863-5312 today for a free consultation. If we are not able to win your case, you will not owe us anything.


Businesses, like individuals, often face the risk of financial loss, whether through damage, property loss, or financial liabilities. However, insurance policies are still contracts, and business insurance policies may often be especially dense with various exclusions and conditions that may impact your ability to pursue compensation. As a result, hiring a business insurance attorney in Round Rock may help you thoroughly understand the details of your policy.

Protection Against Loss of Property

Running a business often includes many risks, such as a loss of your property. For example, your business may be damaged by a fire or water damage. You may lose merchandise as a result of a robbery, burglary, or even embezzlement. Finally, you may suffer financial losses because of business interruption.

Protection Against Lawsuits Brought Against Your Business

Meanwhile, one unfortunate reality that may often face business owners, is the ever-present threat of lawsuits from customers or others. These lawsuits may often be personal injury claims seeking compensation after some injury was allegedly suffered at your place of business. For example, many personal injury lawsuits against businesses may often involve slip and falls that the victim claims occurred because you or your employees failed to reasonably take care to avoid the accident by providing wet floor signs or by cleaning up any fall hazards.


Insurance policies for most business owners may often include property insurance to provide compensation for any damages to your business and any contents within your business, as well as liability protection whenever a third party may file a lawsuit against you pursuing compensation for alleged physical or financial harms that you may be liable for.

However, most business insurance policies may also provide coverage for business interruption. This coverage typically provides insurance coverage in the event that your business may be rendered unmanageable as a result of an unforeseen catastrophe. If your business suffers an interruption, any lost income during this period may be covered under your policy when you file a business insurance claim in Round Rock. Unfortunately, these claims may often lead to disputes with your insurer, especially as a result of the subjective nature involved in determining how much the business interruption may actually have costed your business.


When you purchase business insurance coverage, your insurer owes a duty to you to process any claims fairly, promptly, and in good faith.

Property Loss

If you suffer a property loss, you will generally file a business insurance claim with your insurer detailing how the loss was suffered and the amount of the property loss. If your policy covers the loss, your insurer should pay to replace your loss as detailed in your policy. However, it is often crucial that you notify your insurer as soon as possible to make begin your claims process. Further, you will often need to create and submit your Proof of Loss to the insurer to substantiate your claim. You may need to include a calculation of the value of your lost inventory while being sure that this valuation complies with any valuation included in your insurance policy that may be used to determine the compensation you may be entitled to for your claim.


Meanwhile, if your business has been sued, and the lawsuit is covered under your insurance policy, your insurer is generally responsible for defending you in the lawsuit and indemnifying you up to the amount of your policy limits. In other words, the insurer is generally responsible for providing attorneys to represent you in the lawsuit while paying any necessary compensation to settle your claim or that may have been awarded in court while paying up to your policy limits if the amount awarded is greater than this amount. If your insurance company attempts to deny coverage for the lawsuit or attempts to defend under a reservation of rights, you may often need the assistance of a skilled business insurance attorney in Round Rock. 

As part of your insurance coverage, your insurer may often be required to defend you against any claims. This coverage may often include hiring a skilled personal injury attorney in Round Rock to defend you against various lawsuits that may have been filed against your business such as slip and fall claims. This requirement may often be found in a “duty to defend” clause within your policy.


Despite having purchased insurance coverage to protect you against covered losses or against lawsuits filed against your business, your insurance company may instead refuse to pay your claim, refuse to defend you in the claim, or may choose to delay or underpay your claim. If you submitted a valid business insurance claim to your insurer and it was denied, underpaid, or delayed, you may have a claim against your insurance company for violating its contractual obligations to you by acting in bad faith. Insurers may often attempt to cut costs and avoid paying your business any compensation you may be entitled to, but they may not do so in bad faith.

Common examples of an insurance company acting in bad faith may include situations where the:

  • Insurer may pay you significantly less compensation than what you may be entitled to
  • Insurer may fail to settle a claim or lawsuit brought against you which was within your policy limits when such failure was unreasonable and resulted in your business being forced to pay a much higher amount at the conclusion of the trial
  • Insurer may refuse to pay you any compensation despite the loss being covered under your insurance policy
  • Insurer refuses or neglects to investigate your claim
  • Insurer denies your claim without any explanation
  • Payment you are entitled to is unjustifiably delayed by the insurer
  • Insurer misleads or misrepresents you about your coverage
  • Insurer forces you to sign a release form for any claims before providing full payment

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At Zinda Law Group, our team may help you begin by evaluating your insurance coverage before filing a claim with your insurer. After filing a claim, your lawyer will typically negotiate with the insurer on your behalf. Insurance companies typically have many attorneys whose jobs are to reduce as much as possible any compensation paid out by the insurer. Fortunately, by hiring a lawyer, your attorney may often be able to level this playing field.

The experienced Round Rock business insurance attorneys at Zinda Law Group may often help you avoid many common conflicts with insurance companies to make your claims process easier and simpler to navigate. Our attorneys may help you avoid these conflicts through steps such as:

  • Ensuring all communication with your insurer is clear and precise, such as by sending confirmation messages following meetings or phone conversations to provide clear documentation and avoid any ambiguity or miscommunication
  • Working with an independent appraiser to evaluate your claim with sufficient support to avoid disputes over the value of your losses or damage and the resulting delay such disputes typically cause
  • Helping you understand the terms and limits of your insurance policy to temper your expectations and avoid any unrealistic or preconceived expectations
  • Clarifying the scope of language within your policy and ensuring there are no differences in interpretation of this language and no misinterpretation by the insurer
  • Familiarizing you with your insurer’s duty to provide a legal defense for you against any lawsuits that may be filed against you, such as personal injury claims or malpractice claims

If your insurer has denied your business insurance claim in Round Rock without a legitimate reason or refused to pay you the full amount you may be entitled to, the team at Zinda Law Group may help you pursue a bad faith insurance claim against the insurance company. Your lawyer may help you prove that your insurer failed to act honestly and fairly in responding to your claim. This may often require evidence that the insurer, in bad faith, delayed, denied, or underpaid your claim without any legitimate reason.

Furthermore, if your insurance company refused to provide you with legal defense against lawsuits despite your policy’s “duty to defend” clause, your attorney may be able to prove this decision was made in bad faith in an attempt to save the insurer’s costs regardless of your increased costs from being forced to hire your own attorney to represent you in the lawsuit against you and to help you pursue compensation from your insurer for acting in bad faith and failing to defend you, or indemnify you if applicable, against any lawsuits that may be filed against you.


At Zinda Law Group, our Round Rock lawyers may be able to help you seek any compensation you may be entitled to as a result of property loss or a lawsuit filed against you. Your lawyer may help you file a claim with your insurer or pursue a bad faith insurance claim against your insurance company if it acted in bad faith. The business insurance attorneys at Zinda Law Group have years of experience helping other businesses and entrepreneurs seek the maximum compensation they may be entitled to in disputes with the insurance company or after the insurer acted in bad faith to avoid providing compensation to your business despite your policy covering the event.

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