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Commercial motor vehicles are necessary for the Texas economy; however, an accident between a passenger vehicle and a commercial vehicle may prove more deadly than a typical accident due to the size and strength of the truck. These accidents may occur due to the driver’s negligence, the truck company’s negligence, or from the carelessness of a third party, and cause severe injury, or even death. If you have been injured in a crash with a commercial vehicle, call our Round Rock commercial vehicle accident lawyers today to discuss your potential case. Our experienced personal injury lawyers are available to our clients 24, 7 and have the resources and expertise necessary to fight for your legal rights.

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Legal Requirements for driving Commercial Vehicles in Texas

Before operating in, or driving through, Texas, commercial motor vehicle drivers must pass a number of safety and legal requirements. These requirements are put into place for the well being of the driver, the economy, and all others on the road. Examples of these legal requirements for commercial vehicles, or tractor-trailer combinations weighing 26,000 pounds or more, are outlined in more detail, below:

Requirements to Enter Texas

Register as a Motor Carrier

Before entering and operating on roads or highways in Texas, commercial vehicle drivers must register their operations with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Motor Carrier Division in order to receive a motor carrier registration, otherwise known as a “TxDMV Number.”

Register the Vehicle

Commercial vehicles traveling across state lines on interstates may also participate in the International Registration Plan, which allows drivers to obtain registration credentials in one jurisdiction and avoid the inconvenience and expense of purchasing trip permits while traveling interstate. Furthermore, vehicles may be eligible to purchase a temporary registration permit through the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.

Maintain an International Fuel Tax Agreement License or Permit

Commercial vehicles operating within Texas are required to pay state fuel use taxes. However, these vehicles also have an option of obtaining an International Fuel Tax Agreement license. This license allows for the consolidation of fuel taxes or a fuel trip permit, which will cost the individual $50.00.

Size and Weight Limitations in Texas

Texas has also established both size and weight limits for all types of vehicles inside state limits. In order to operate in Texas without a permit, the passenger vehicle width cannot exceed 8 feet, whereas all other vehicles and loads cannot exceed 8 feet and 6 inches. Further, the vehicle cannot be higher than 14 feet.

The length requirements for commercial vehicles in Texas include:

  • Truck-tractors: Unlimited length
  • Two-vehicle combination semitrailers: 59 feet
  • Three-vehicle combinations other than truck-tractors: 65 feet
  • Front overhang: 3 feet
  • Rear overhang: 4 feet

In addition, the weight requirements for vehicles operating in Texas are as follows:

  • Gross weight: Maximum of 80,000 pounds
  • Single axel vehicles: 20,000 pounds
  • Tandem axel groups: 34,000 pounds
  • Triple axel groups: 42,000 pounds
  • Quad axel groups: 50,0000 pounds

In certain situations, commercial vehicle drivers may be able to obtain permits to extend these length and weight requirements; however, certain truck lengths, such as with semitrailers, may not be increased even with a permit.

If you have been involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle in Texas and believe they were not following one or more of these legal requirements, contact an experienced Round Rock injury lawyer at Zinda Law Group today. We can help investigate your unique situation and determine the actual cause of your injuries and various other, related damages.

How Do commercial vehicle accidents occur in Texas?

Commercial vehicle accidents are, unfortunately, not uncommon events. In 2020, there were a total of 32,562 crashes involving a commercial vehicle in Texas. Of that number, 513 were sadly fatal. Further, there were 976 suspected serious crashes and 1,245 suspected serious injuries.

Understanding why these accidents take place may help you avoid being one of these statistics in the future. Below are common causes of truck accidents throughout the nation and in the Round Rock area:

Truck Driver Fatigue

Commercial truck drivers spend full days behind the wheel, often driving across the country to meet deadlines. Although the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has put forth legal driving limitations on commercial drivers, some may break these laws or otherwise drive to the point of fatigue.

For instance, commercial drivers who are carrying property are limited to 11 hours of driving after 10 consecutive hours off. Those carrying passengers are limited to 10 hours of driving after 10 consecutive hours off. Driving while fatigued can cause the individual to nod off, react more slowly to hazards or changing road conditions, and drift into other lanes, causing an accident.

Driving While Under the Influence

Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol can be deadly for not only the driver, but for others in the vehicle or on the road as well. In Texas, there were 55 pedestrians killed in a crash involving a driver who had been drinking in 2020. Further, in the same year, there were 147 passengers killed while in vehicles driven by alcohol-impaired individuals.

Truck drivers are not tested for drugs and alcohol each time they get behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle. Further, they are often away from home for long periods of time and may crave a drink. This decision may result in serious injury, or even death, to themselves or others.

Driving While Distracted

Driving while distracted is a serious issue across the country, including in Texas. In fact, there were 80,451 total crashes involving a distracted driver in Texas in 2020. Unfortunately, these accidents resulted in 327 fatal crashes and 368 total fatalities.

Distracted driving may include eating or drinking, texting, fiddling with the radio, or any other action that takes the individual’s attention away from the act of driving. Truck drivers are often in their vehicles for days at a time and may easily become distracted, resulting in a serious accident.

If you have been the victim of a motor vehicle accident, you may be left with serious physical injuries and emotional pain. That is why Zinda Law Group Round Rock accident lawyers are available 24, 7 to our clients. We pride ourselves on our dedication to each one of our clients and have built an outstanding record of success in getting our clients the compensation they deserve through our experience, preparation, and aggressive representation for all of our cases.

What are the injuries I may sustain from a Round rock truck accident?

Injuries involving commercial vehicles may be minor, severe, or even lethal. These injuries could happen in various ways, such as hitting your head on the steering wheel, being thrown from your vehicle, or from a rollover. Further, these injuries may cost you thousands in hospital bills, pharmaceutical costs, physical therapy costs, and bills from the car mechanic’s shop.

Potential injuries resulting from a motor vehicle accident include, but are not limited to:

  • Brain injuries
  • Broken bones, or bone fractures
  • Bruising
  • Cuts or lacerations
  • Internal bleeding
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Sprains
  • Whiplash

If you have been harmed in an accident with a truck that was licensed for commercial use, the right Round Rock injury lawyer at Zinda Law Group may be able to help get you the compensation you deserve for all of your damages. Our team has helped countless Texans get their lives back on track after an accident, and we may be able to help you as well.

Who is liable for my commercial vehicle accident injuries?

In order to get the compensation you deserve for your commercial vehicle accident injuries, you must first determine the at-fault party. Was the truck driver drinking? Did the trucking company fail to properly maintain their vehicles?

No matter the situation, we can help investigate your case and determine who is liable for your physical injuries, mental pain, and property damage. Below are three potential individuals or entities that may be held liable for your injuries and property damage:

The Truck Driver

If you can prove that the truck driver’s negligence or carelessness caused the accident, you may be able to bring a claim against the driver. A Zinda Law Group Round Rock injury lawyer can help determine the cause of your accident and determine whether the truck driver was acting in a negligent manner. For instance, the truck driver could have been speeding, making an illegal lane change, or driving while fatigued.

The Trucking Company

The company who hired the truck driver may also be held responsible for your injuries or property damage resulting from an accident, as employers are often held responsible for the negligence of their employees while the employees were acting under the scope of employment. The company could also be held liable if they can be found negligent in safety or hiring standards. For instance, if it can be demonstrated that the company pushed unrealistic expectations on the deadlines for their delivery drivers, they may be found negligent for your resulting injuries and property damage.

The Trucking Manufacturer

The manufacturer of the truck parts may also be liable if it can be shown that the accident was due to a defective truck part. Proving this may be difficult, however, due to the need to inspect the truck’s maintenance records, inspection reports, and overall performance history.

At Zinda Law Group, we understand what is needed to find the at-fault party. Our Round Rock truck accident lawyers have the resources necessary to make sure the truck parts are properly investigated and to determine whether or not there is a defect associated with these parts. Examples of possible defective truck parts include the brake systems, tires, steering controls, and fuel tanks.

After being involved in a motor vehicle accident, contact one of our Round Rock accident lawyers as soon as possible. Our team can begin to investigate your case in order to help you determine who may be at fault for your damages. We can further guide you through the entire legal process and fight for you in court if a favorable settlement cannot be made.

What is the statute of limitations to file a round rock truck accident lawsuit?

The time limit to file a lawsuit is known as the “statute of limitations.” The statute of limitations is not the same for every kind of case or in every state, so it is important to contact an attorney in your area to discuss the statute of limitations for your specific case.

In Texas, you have 2 years to file a personal injury or commercial vehicle accident claim. Failure to file the claim on time may prohibit you from receiving any kind of compensation. So, it is important to contact a Round Rock injury attorney at Zinda Law Group as soon as possible to get your case filed on time.

Is there a personal injury attorney near me in Texas?

After being in a motor vehicle accident, you shouldn’t have to worry about finding the right accident lawyer to help you with your potential case. That is why Zinda Law Group has offices across the country, with many being in Texas. For instance, in Texas, we have offices in:

  • Arlington
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  • Midland
  • North Austin
  • Plano
  • Round Rock
  • San Antonio
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In addition to these many Texas offices, we have also helped clients in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, and New Mexico. If you have been injured in a commercial vehicle accident and are asking “Is there is an injury lawyer near me in Texas?” We can help.

Our team is standing by 24 hours a day and are ready to answer any questions you may have. No matter where you have been injured in Texas, contact Zinda Law Group today.

If you have been injured in a commercial vehicle accident, contact our zinda law group round rock commercial vehicle accident lawyers today to discuss your potential case

If a truck driver is operating an oversized vehicle, as described by Texas law, or otherwise being negligent, he or she may be held liable for any accidents resulting from the failure to follow state law. Further, you may be able to sue a trucking company if they fail to follow certain safety regulations or hiring practices. No matter the cause of your accident, the right Round Rock injury attorney can guide you through every step it will take to get compensation for your losses.

If you have suffered an injury due to a negligent commercial vehicle driver, trucking company, or manufacturer, contact a Round Rock injury attorney at Zinda Law Group as soon as possible. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have regarding your unique case and fight on your behalf to get you the compensation you deserve.

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