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Every year, the pharmaceutical companies come out with all-new cures for all sorts of maladies. Though they always seem very promising at first, once the public begins to take advantage of these new drugs and medical devices, we often start to hear negative and even frightening stories about how users are experiencing a range of serious problems because of the drug or device.

One prominent case is the transvaginal mesh. When it was first released, it was heralded as a sure-cure for Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP). Thousands of women rushed to their doctor’s office and signed up for this procedure in the hopes of finally having a real solution for this very serious medical condition. Within two years, women began reporting terrible symptoms. They could no longer have sex with their partner without pain. They had constant bleeding and discharge.

By the time the FDA issued its warning advising doctors to stop using the procedure until further testing could be done, several hundred thousand women had already had the procedure performed. Once an investigation was done, it was revealed that the manufacturer, Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, did not perform the proper testing before releasing the device. Instead, they used a loophole in the FDA’s testing requirements to side-step doing any effective, long-term studies that would prove whether the device was safe or not.

This enraged the victims and thousands of court cases are still pending but it does illuminate one very important aspect of FDA testing for new drugs and medical devices: you can’t always be certain that these products will perform as promised.

There are a number of other drugs and devices that have not performed the way the public was told and have caused medical problems for users. The list includes:

  • Pradaxa, an anti-coagulant
  • Depakote, an anti-seizure medication alleged to cause birth defects
  • The Nuva Ring, a birth control device, is alleged to cause life-threatening blood clots
  • Multaq, produced by a company in France, this drug is supposed to reduce abnormal heart rhythm but users are reporting liver failure.
  • Accutane, used to treat cystic acne and also as a chemotherapy drug, users of Accutane have been reporting birth defects.

If you have used these or other drugs that have left you with serious side effects, then Texas allows you to seek restitution for your pain and suffering and many expenses. In cases like this, there may be long-term medical needs for the victim or a child born with birth defects. Families can quickly be overwhelmed by the medical needs, mounting bills and an uncertain future. But the law allows you to file a personal injury lawsuit to recover expenses, damages and financial losses.

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