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When you experience damage to your home, whether from fire, floods or theft, you want your homeowner’s insurance claim paid promptly. Getting your claim paid quickly is often rooted in the homework that you did before the loss occurred, and the following tips may help you get your insurance claim paid quicker.

  • Keep a home inventory – whether you use a camera or a video camera, it is important to document what you own. Photos or a video recording can serve as proof of what you have while preserving the memory of the little things that you may have forgotten about. They may seem inconsequential, but the little things that you may have to replace can add up to big money.
  • Keep everything together – keep all of your papers, photos and receipts together. That will make them easier to find when you need them and easier to grab if you have to leave your home in a hurry. Consider renting a safe deposit box for these important documents.
  • Insure for replacement cost – there may be a big difference between what you originally paid versus what it will cost you to replace that item.  Insure for replacement cost. You will be glad you did.  T
  • Consider special riders – you may want to consider buying extra coverage for furs, jewelry, or artwork. An insurance rider will provide additional coverage for items that are not specifically covered, or under-insured, in your policy
  • Keep your home in good repair – by spending the money now to keep your house in good repair, you may avoid a costly personal injury lawsuit or an expensive deductible.
  • Prevent further damage – make temporary repairs whenever possible to protect your property from further damage. Hire someone if you can’t secure the property yourself and save your receipts – the cost of temporary repairs should be covered by your policy.
  • Collect evidence of your damage – take pictures or a video and save your receipts.
  • Keep it all together – create a file folder and keep all of your receipts and other evidence in it.
  • Contact your insurance agent – call as soon as you can. Some policies have notification requirements.
  • Document everything –Keep a log and document the progress of your repairs. In addition, keep a record of every time you speak with your adjuster including the date, time and what you spoke about. Then keep it all together in your folder for easy access

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