Workplace Injury Lawyers in Round Rock

The economy in Round Rock, as with most of Texas, is seen throughout the U.S. as a bright spot in an otherwise shaded economic landscape.  Workers put in a lot of time and energy to their professions to provide for their families and the future of our state.  However, Texas is consistently ranks as one of the highest occurrences of workplace injury in the states. Even as the number of national fatal occupational injuries has been dropping, numbers in Texas are actually on the rise.

Workplace injuries can range from a devastating construction accident to carpal tunnel.  Here is a list of common causes of injuries in the workplace:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Construction site accidents
  • Slip and falls
  • Defective tool or faulty machinery accidents
  • Chemical exposure
  • Gas explosions
  • Falling debris

Worker’s Compensation

To protect workers from the negative financial and physical effects of an injury at work, most businesses offer workers’ compensation coverage.  This is a method of ensuring that every worker has the right to coverage despite who was at fault.  This type of coverage will afford you, and possibly your family, the medical benefits you deserve while disallowing you the right to sue your employer.

Despite the beauty of this program that has been put in place by multiple legislative acts, it is important to realize that many initial filings are denied.  Most employers will try to persuade workers to file through this system and many times it works out to the detriment of the employee.

Why Hire an Attorney?

An experienced attorney can prove very beneficial in dealing with employers and insurance companies in a worker injury case.  Representation can allow you to focus on rebuilding your life and becoming physically fit, while the law firm concentrates on getting you the financial benefits you deserve.  In a world where our business structures have become so integrated that a single employee could be working with employees of multiple other companies, sometimes fault can be hard to determine.  By consulting with a knowledgeable attorney, an injured employee will be able to evaluate their situation and determine the best way to file.

Zinda Law Group is an experienced firm dedicated to fighting and protecting the rights of injured workers.  Our goal is to get you the highest amount of compensation possible, ensure that responsible parties are held accountable, and that further acts of negligence are not committed.