18 Wheeler Accident Lawyers in San Antonio

What Are 18-Wheeler Accidents?

When you are on the road you likely don’t anticipate that you will be involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler vehicle. One would think that the individuals operating an 18-wheeler truck would have extensive knowledge about the operation of this type of vehicle. The unfortunate truth is that many of the drivers of 18-wheeler vehicles never receiving the necessary training, behave negligently, or ignore laws and regulations. As a result, hundreds of 18-wheeler accidents are caused every day. You can call a lawyer from Zinda Law Group today at 210-390-0742 to learn more about 18-wheeler accidents and to get a free consultation.

What Should I Do if I Am Involved in an 18-Wheeler Accident?

If you are involved in an accident that involves a semi truck or 18-wheeler vehicle, the most important thing that you can do is to immediately call the police. In Texas, it is a requirement that individuals file a crash report. You will want to stay at the scene and be there when the police arrive. The police will investigate the accident, write down their perceptions, and also take notes on the things that you say during this time. If you believe that the other driver was at fault in the accident, then you should be sure to say this to the police. You should make sure that you document any damage that has been done to your vehicle and your own injuries.

After you speak with the police at the scene of the accident, then your next step will be to go to a doctor for medical treatment. Even if you do not believe that you are severely injured, you should still seek medical attention as soon as possible. A doctor can tell whether you have suffered from any side effects that may not be readily apparent, and he or she can also provide you with the treatment that you need during this difficult time.

What Are My Legal Rights?

Truck accidents can result in many injuries for victims. Victims may suffer from permanent paralysis, broken bones, severe abrasions, or even death. When a victim has suffered from injuries, he or she has the legal right to receive damages. You could also be eligible for compensation for your vehicle damage, lost income, medical bills, pain and suffering, and more. A San Antonio 18 wheeler accident lawyer can help you in the process of calculating the total amount of damages that you have suffered after an 18-wheeler accident.

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If you want to pursue a legal claim against a driver, get in touch with an attorney from Zinda Law Group. Our attorneys have handled 18-wheeler accident cases before, and they are ready to help with your case. We can help you negotiate with insurance companies, seek compensation, and handle the entire legal process while you heal. Call our lawyers today at 210-390-0742 to receive a free case evaluation and learn your options.

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