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Approximately 40 percent of children born in and around San Antonio, Texas, are at risk for health problems, either prenatal or birth injury, simply because they do not get prenatal care.

The 2008 Texas Department of State Health Services Vital Statistics report, which is the most current information available regarding births, shows that only 16,352 women sought prenatal care that year. There were 27,329 babies born in Bexar in 2008, according to statistics.

Most of those live births, 24,000 in fact, were born in San Antonio. Statistics also show that 10.5 percent, including both those born in San Antonio and around the county, weighed less than 5.5 pounds at birth.

Low birth weight affected the Hispanic community the most, with more than 1,700 low-birth weight babies. Statistics shows 538 were from white families and 246 were from black families.

These numbers are vitally important when considering factors resulting in birth injuries. Public health agencies across the country have determined that prenatal factors can play a large role in the outcome at birth. Factors can include things such as blood incompatibility, toxemia, or infections.

A doctor’s care during the birth process also can contribute to birth injuries, according to public health reports. For instance, a long or difficult labor can contribute to head injuries or a lack of oxygen to the child.

Minorities are at the highest risk for low birth weights and a lack of prenatal care, which are linked to childhood health problems. So, since these pregnancies are already higher risk deliveries, it stands to reason that minorities would also be especially at risk for perinatal problems occurring during birth at the hospital.

Public health agencies nationwide, including one from Connecticut’s public health agency, have determined that minorities typically get a lower quality of care overall during pregnancy than other groups.

Some birthing complications, such as asphyxia during labor and delivery, can cause complications like cerebral palsy. Statistics show that 10 percent of cerebral palsy cases are related to asphyxia.

Studies have also been done regarding prenatal and birth factors relating to autism and hydrocephalus, or water on the brain, and those studies indicate a number of factors could be involved depending on the case.

With so many factors involved, and so much at risk, it makes sense to seek legal counsel if you feel a birth injury could be related to something occurring during the birth process.

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