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Last updated on: June 29, 2022

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Slip and fall accidents can be painful, both physically and emotionally. These incidents often leave victims hurting, confused, and embarrassed. Unfortunately, these accidents occur daily and can happen almost anywhere, including at a friend’s house, at work, or the nearby grocery store. Despite the frequency with which these accidents occur, many people are uncertain of what their rights are following a slip, trip or fall. One of our San Antonio slip and fall lawyers are here to help.

If you have been injured in an accident in a public place, grocery store, at work, at a gas station or other public location, you may be entitled to seek compensation if the accident was not your fault. Call our slip and fall lawyers at (800) 863-5312 for a free consultation to find out more about how to proceed with a claim.

How Zinda Law Group Helps Slip and Fall Accident Victims

After a slip and fall accident, it is important to contact a personal injury lawyer who can advocate on your behalf. Personal injury claims and legal filings are complex and there are many opportunities to make mistakes. For example, if you aren’t aware of a filing deadline, you might miss the chance to file a claim because of the statute of limitations. Having an attorney on your side can help you:

Gather and Preserve Evidence

Our attorneys are not only knowledgeable of the law, but they can also help ensure that evidence is properly gathered and preserved. Having evidence to support your claim is crucial to its success, and for this reason, the gathering and preservation of evidence are one of the attorney’s most important responsibilities.

Establish Liability

Evidence supporting your claim is key to establishing liability, and our lawyers work hard to gather and preserve evidence. Our lawyers spend a lot of time in the investigation stage because we use the evidence to demonstrate liability and pursue the compensation you deserve. To do that, our attorneys analyze the facts of the case while keeping in mind relevant legal tests and the burden of proof that must be met.

Advise You on Settlement

In many cases, insurance companies will try to quickly offer you an initial settlement. Before accepting any sort of settlement offer or even speaking with the insurance company, contact an attorney. An attorney can serve as a conduit between you and the insurance company and help with getting the highest possible reward for your injuries.

Represent You at Trial

If the best option is to file a personal injury lawsuit, our attorneys can represent you at trial. As mentioned, an attorney can help you comply with the procedural requirements of the court, such as filing deadlines and making sure that legal documents contain all the relevant information. Furthermore, a lawyer can represent your interests to a judge and jury in a favorable light.

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What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident in San Antonio

Whether it be at a residence, grocery store, restaurant, or school, a slip and fall accident can occur when you least expect it. A slip and fall accident is often the result of negligence, such as the owner of a building knowing about a leak in the roof and failing to repair it or putting hazard warnings. Regardless of where the accident occurs or why, it’s important to remember the steps that should be taken immediately after a slip and fall accident:

Seek Medical Attention if Injured

In some incidents, people’s injuries become progressively worse over time. For example, what might feel like a sore back at the time of the accident might become chronic neck stiffness and back pain. Indeed, symptoms may begin to manifest long after the injury occurs, and it may harm your case if you fail to seek medical attention. Therefore, for the benefit of your case and your physical health, seek medical treatment immediately if you’ve been hurt.

Make an Incident Report

A slip and fall incident report should include all relevant information about your accident. Template accident report forms can be found online, or you can contact an attorney and have them draft one for you. Your incident report will serve as a paper trail, as the insurance company looks for reasons to deny your claim.

Take Pictures and Talk with Witnesses

Documentation of the incident is often the best evidence to support your claim. Pictures and videos of the accident are extremely helpful in resolving factual disputes and proving that the accident caused your injuries. To fulfill this purpose, take as many photos and videos as necessary to capture the full scope of the accident.

Additionally, collecting witness statements can prove vital to your personal injury lawsuit. In many lawsuits, witnesses and witness statements make or break the case. Eyewitnesses who saw the incident can describe first handwhat caused the slip and fall accident.

Do Not Give a Recorded Statement

As mentioned, the insurance company will be looking for every reason to deny your claim. Even if you were trying to be polite, it may hurt your claim to make a statement suggesting that “everything is all right.” However, if you are in pain, you should express it and make sure it is documented – especially when talking to health professionals. But there is no need to make statements speculating on the severity of your injuries or why the accident occurred.

Contact a San Antonio Attorney

Contacting a San Antonio attorney is a very important step because they can guide you through this process in real-time. Attorneys will begin analyzing the facts and circumstances of your injury and can work to hold the defendant legally responsible for your slip and fall as soon as they know the facts of your case.

Common Reasons for Slip and Fall Accidents in San Antonio

A big reason why compensation is awarded to slip and fall victims is because most slip and fall accidents are entirely preventable. Common conditions that can cause a slip and fall include:

Cluttered Floors

Equipment or other objects, such as wire cords and other materials, are obvious slip and fall hazards. Business owners don’t always follow their duty of care when it comes to removing debris and clutter from the floor. When people slip and fall as a result of objects left on the floor, injured plaintiffs may have a slip and fall claim.

Wet Floors

When people hear about slip and fall accidents, they are usually thinking of wet floor accidents. Indeed, the most common cause of slip and fall accidents is wet surfaces. Indoor surfaces can be wet , as well as along the sidewalk or in the parking lot of the establishment. Commonly, wet floor accidents involve:

  • Freshly mopped and waxed floors
  • Liquid spills
  • Precipitation

Lack of Hazard Warnings

When there are dangerous situations such as wet floors, the property owner has a duty to fix the issue. However, the reason a floor may be wet may not be immediately reparable. For example, if a leak in the roof, discovered during a heavy rainstorm, is causing water to drip on the floor, it might be quite some time before the roof can be repaired.

For this reason, business owners should set up warning signs to help alert patrons of the potential slip hazard. These hazard signs should be erected immediately after the property owner is made aware of the hazard. In many slip and fall cases, the lack of hazard warning signs is a cause of the accident itself.

Inadequate Lighting

A lack of lighting is particularly hazardous in public places. For example, stairwells should be well lit so that patrons can see where they are walking. Otherwise, the patron may misstep and fall a great distance down the stairwell. Accidents that are caused by inadequate lighting produce some of the most severe injuries because victims cannot brace themselves for impact.

Broken or Damaged Floors

Loose floorboards and floor mats can often cause slip and fall injuries. In this scenario, the victim usually loses traction and falls after stepping on a part of the floor which is not level with the rest of the ground. For example, a tile floor could be missing a patch of tiles, thereby creating a slip and fall hazard.

Unfortunately, the reasons for most slip and fall accidents are easily preventable. An experienced attorney will analyze the circumstances of your accident, to determine all the factors that could have contributed to your injuries. To talk with an attorney and get a free case evaluation, call (800) 863-5312 today.

Types of Injuries in a Slip and Fall accident

Slip and fall injuries can be life changing. Indeed, some injuries require extensive medical treatment and costly ongoing care. Regrettably, those victims are usually left unable to earn a living and suffer a significantly decreased quality of life.

Common types of injuries resulting from a slip and fall accident include:

  • Neck, back, and spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Strains and tears
  • Broken bones
  • Sprains

Of all these injuries, fractures are the most common consequence of falling. In fact, fractures occur in 5% of all fall cases. Even though most fractures are not life-threatening, they can prevent you from going to work and enjoying your life as you would otherwise. At Zinda Law Group, we believe that the victim of slip and fall accident should never have to bear the cost of recovery.

Establishing liability in a slip and fall case

Property owners have a general duty of care , to keep the premises reasonably safe. This duty is owed in almost all situations involving victims invited on the premises, and those licensed to be on the premises by the property owner. In other words, the relationship to the defendant and the reason you were on the premises may help establish liability. Additionally, the relationship between the victim and the defendant may suggest what caused the accident.

For example, let’s say an accident occurred in the grocery store when the victims slipped on loose berries in the produce section. One might think that the blueberries were the cause of the accident, and they would be right. But going a step further, the manager of the grocery store owed the victim the duty of keeping the premises safe, which includes clearing the floors of debris that people could slip and fall on. Therefore, the cause of the slip and fall accident was not the blueberries per se, but rather the manager’s failure to pick them up or warn customers of the hazard.

Establishing liability is tricky because what caused the accident and who was responsible for preventing the accident are often conflated. A personal injury lawyer can connect the accident with its cause.

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A slip and fall accident can change your life forever. In most cases, victims need medical care and a long period of recovery. Additionally, mental and emotional anguish may stay with you long after the accident.

A personal injury lawyer from Zinda Law Group can assess your chances of getting the compensation that you deserve. We offer a 100% free case evaluations and a No Win No Fee Guarantee, which means that you will pay nothing unless we achieve a favorable settlement, judgement, or verdict for your case.

After a slip and fall, the lawyers from Zinda Law Group are here to help advise you on your personal injury claim. If you or a loved one slipped and fell in San Antonio, call Zinda Law Group at (800) 863-5312 to speak with a San Antonio personal injury lawyer today.

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