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The Serious Nature of Brain Injury

Injuries to the brain represent a difficult challenge for diagnosis and treatment. Even seemingly small injuries often have long-term consequences. Moreover, traumatic brain injury is a medical condition that affects each person differently. Doctors treat TBI on a basis tailored to each individual.

Over a 250,000 cases of TBI occur each year, with nearly 20 percent of that number resulting in death to the victims. In many cases, doctors are limited in their ability to provide early treatment for TBI, placing a priority on close observation of the patient. Diagnosis and treatment presents a unique challenge in that it is difficult to assess the lifetime consequences of TBI to an individual.

A final difficulty of dealing with TBI is its cumulative nature. A series of seemingly insignificant head bumps and injuries can result in substantial damage. It is this fact that drives the current concern over sports injuries.

Causes of Injury to the Brain

Vehicle accidents and falls are the source of most brain injuries. Any loss of oxygen to the brain, even for moments, will also present the risk of injury. These situations are often traced to complications or inadequate care during medical procedures such as surgery.

It is important to note that TBI is not always evident immediately after an accident or the head being struck. It often takes time for swelling or internal bleeding to present the full effect of an injury. This makes close observation of a potential brain injury victim important for at least the first 12 hours after a suspected injury.

Symptoms of injury to the brain include dizziness, confusion, nausea and vomiting. If these indications persist or worsen, seek medical treatment.

Classes of Brain Injury and Treatment

From the most serious to the least, the classification of head injuries ranges from skull fractures, cerebral concussions, and concussion. Even if there is no visible indication of injury, any loss of consciousness is cause to immediately visit a medical facility.

Patients hospitalized with TBI receive what doctors call a continuum of care. Unless immediate surgery is necessary to relieve swelling or bleeding, observation and time are the key early procedures. Once the brain has time to begin the process of healing itself, attention turns to therapy and rehabilitation.

The Role of a Personal Injury Lawyer

The effects of TBI are often life-changing for the victim and family. Costs of care, treatment and rehabilitation quickly rise to large sums. These injuries are normally addressed by personal injury lawyers, such as the experienced attorneys at Zinda Law Group in San Marcos. In the case of TBI, there are many complexities and challenges that require early and thorough investigation.

Competent personal injury lawyers explain the specific issues involved in determining the proper legal response to a situation causing TBI. This is especially the case if there is the possibility that negligence of another is to blame for the injury.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of an accident causing TBI, a firm such as Zinda Law Group can act to protect all of your legal rights and options. Contacting the firm is an important first step in dealing with the long-term consequences of TBI.