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Premises liability is an area of the law where the owner of the property is held accountable for any injuries that occur to anyone coming on to their property. Most businesses have insurance to cover losses like this. For instance, if you are shopping at the mall at your favorite store and you slip and fall on a wet spot, the store has insurance that will pay for your medical expenses because they are ultimately responsible.

Many times, restaurants, retail stores, manufacturing plants and commercial businesses have a wide variety of potentially harmful stuff lying around. An employee might leave a roll of wire on the floor causing another employee to stumble and fall down. Someone might get careless and spill their drink on the floor and then not notify anyone to mop it up.

The owner of a property has a greater duty to make sure that people coming onto their premises can come and go safely. A visitor to your real estate office should not have to worry about being cut on broken glass from a recently broken window. A property owner also has a legal duty to refrain from willfully harming anyone, even a trespasser.

Leading Causes of Injury

The most common claims are slip and fall accidents. Whether you’re at work, at the grocery store or at the courthouse, you have a right to expect to be able to conduct your business without fear of hazardous substances on the floor or other dangers. People get hurt every day across America from slip and fall accidents. Sometimes they get a hard jolt on a concrete floor and sometimes the injuries are much worse.

Restaurants often have spills and all kinds of substances can wind up on the floor, but the restaurant owner has a duty to warn you if they know that the floor is slippery. Other common causes of injuries include defective stairs, unexpected holes or pits, an empty swimming pool, and falling debris. One of the more uncommon things we’ve heard more about in recent years includes public shootings. This type of premises liability case can be hard to prove and the laws are very complex.

The courts might find a property owner responsible for injury or death if a business owner’s property has a known history of safety violations. A property owner can also be held liable for the criminal actions of a third party on their property.

Proving your Case

Since slip and fall accidents have become more common, it’s important to be able to clearly show that the property owner was negligent. It takes a skilled San Marcos personal injury lawyer to gather all the evidence and put together a solid case. For example, injuries sustained where the owner should clearly have known it was unsafe include:

  • Torn carpeting
  • Unexpected drops in floor height
  • Slick floors
  • Unsafe stairs
  • Poor lighting
  • Falling debris

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