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Each year in the US, 12,000 new cases of spinal cord injury occur. This number doesn’t include those who die at the scene of an accident. According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Database, it is estimated that nearly 300,000 people in America currently suffer with spinal cord injury.

Those who sustain traumatic spinal cord injuries often undergo years of painful therapy and other treatments. Their future will be totally altered and they will have to deal with daily stress, pain, and ongoing medical expenses.

Spinal cord injuries can occur many ways, including workplace accidents and automobile accidents. Victims can be severely injured in accidents involving semi-trucks, distracted drivers, or motorcycles. After a severe accident like this, it can feel like life will never be normal again. One of the most important things you can do to protect your family’s future is to make sure that you receive adequate compensation for your injuries, medical bills, lost wages and future expenses.

When you know that you have the money to pay your bills and live a decent life, that knowledge can go a long way toward giving you peace of mind regarding the future. San Marcos law firm, Zinda Law Group PLLC has a strong history of helping victims and protecting their legal rights.

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If you’ve received a spinal cord injury or been hurt in any type of accident, choose a San Marcos spinal cord injury lawyer who has the experience to fight and win. Our law firm will help you obtain the settlement you need to pay off outstanding bills, and get excellent medical care so you can get your life back on track.

We understand how stressful it is to have bills piling up from doctors, hospitals, and creditors. Victims often get depressed and this can delay the healing process. With Zinda Law Group working on your case, you can feel a new level of peace of mind. Our goal is to help you move forward and begin to heal both physically and emotionally.

Catastrophic Injuries

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), reports that the average cost to care for someone with spinal cord injury exceeds over $500,000. Catastrophic injuries of any kind will alter the course of anyone’s life. These types of injuries include severe burns, brain trauma, amputation and others.

Contact Zinda Law Group PLLC right away and be confident knowing that our firm is on your side. We will go above and beyond in our efforts to win your case. Our San Marcos law firm stands ready to assist you and we have the skills and compassion to help victims get through such an ordeal. Our firm works on a contingency basis, which means you don’t pay a penny if we don’t win your case.

Please contact Zinda Law Group PLLC today to set up your free legal consultation. You can sit down with one of our San Marcos lawyers and discuss your case so you can learn about all your legal options. There’s simply no substitute for working with an experienced team of legal professionals who care. We’ll help you make those important decisions that can affect your family’s financial future. Call our office today and see the difference that having a pro on your team can make.