10 School Zone Safety Tips

school zone safetyAs another summer draws to a close, millions of youngsters across the nation are preparing for the return of the school season.

Each year, though, as many as 100 students in the U.S. are killed and 25,000 more are injured in collisions that occur inside school zones.

The National Safe Routes to School program reports that more children are hit by automobiles near schools than at any other location.

The following are 10 safety tips you should follow when driving through a school zone.

• Use extra caution when driving near school zones, playgrounds, parks, and residential areas
• Obey the speed limit
• Stop and yield for pedestrians when intersection lights are flashing
• Halt for a crossing guard holding up a stop sign
• Organize a carpool to help reduce the number of vehicles at schools

• Pass a vehicle stopped for pedestrians
• Load or unload children across the street from a school
• Double-park, which obstructs visibility for children and other drivers
• Block the crosswalk when stopping at a red light or waiting to turn
• Use a cell phone or other mobile device while driving.

By following these tips, you’ll help ensure the safety of students throughout the school year!