Should I Hire An Attorney?


When deciding whether or not to hire an attorney after a personal injury or an accident you should consider whether or not you will net a higher recovery after paying an attorney than before.

When deciding to hire a lawyer ask yourself the following questions:

If it was a car accident did I only suffer property damage to my vehicle?

If yes, then you probably don’t need to hire an attorney.  For repairs, simply get quotes from reputable repair shops and compare them to the amount offered by the adjuster.  If the vehicle is totaled be sure that the insurance company is paying a fair value for the vehicle prior to the collision.

Did I suffer a very “minor” injury?

The answer in this situation is maybe.  It is important to always carefully consider your options. If your case involves personal injuries, a more detailed analysis is required. If the injuries are minor and you fully recover from the injuries in a few days, you probably do not need an attorney. Minor injuries are ones that result in less than a $1,000.00 in medical bills. To obtain a fair settlement for your minor injury claim, educate yourself sufficiently to negotiate with the insurance adjuster. To educate yourself, go online or to the bookstore and obtain one of the many self help guides for car accident victims. These guides are excellent resources for dealing with the minor injury claims. Like the property damage only type cases, minor injury cases usually do not justify the use of an attorney. In such cases, the attorney’s fee generally results in a lower net settlement to the claimant because the value of the claim is low and cannot be appreciably increased.

Was I or a loved one severely injured or killed?

If your case involves anything more than property damage and minor injuries, it is likely that you will benefit by hiring an attorney. Most people do not typically have the necessary negotiation skills, knowledge of the law and experience in evaluating damages to obtain a fair settlement value for major injury cases. As such, when negotiating with an insurance adjuster, non-lawyers are at a distinct disadvantage. Do not be misled by the adjuster’s statements that hiring an attorney will reduce your net settlement or delay payment for your claim. The insurance industries own statistics do not support these statements. The Insurance Resource Council completed a study that found that people who used an attorney received an average of 3½ times more money in settlement than those individuals who settled on their own. Thus, if you seek to obtain a fair settlement for your injuries, the use of an experienced personal injury lawyer is vitally required.

If you are not 100% sure there is no case, always get a consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney.

At Zinda Law Group our consultations are always free for personal injury cases.  If we take your case you will not have to pay us unless we are successful.  If you have more questions about how attorneys are paid, look at our “No Fee Guarantee.