Some Halloween Candy Is Contaminated, Recalled

As Halloween approaches, it is important to review some safety procedures for our children and others who may be out celebrating the holiday. One thing to remember is that just because candy is wrapped doesn't mean it is safe. Two popular Halloween candies have been recalled due to contamination.

The first recalled candy, Nestle's Raisinets, has been recalled because the product may contain peanuts. Peanut allergies have become incredibly common among today's youth, and if an allergic person ingests peanuts, he or she could have an anaphylactic reaction and be unable to breath. Three reports of allergic reactions have been filed against Raisinets. The packaging currently has a warning that equipment may have been used to process peanut-candies or goods, but it turns out that the candy itself may have some peanut ingredients.

The other recalled candy, Mega Pops, are mostly sold in Family Dollar stores and have been recalled because they may contain "foreign elements." Although it has not been released what these foreign elements are, the manufacturer has stated that it is not dangerous.

It is advised that anyone who has purchased the 10oz bags of fun size Raisinets or any bags of Mega Pops return the goods to the store where they were bought.

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