Accident Where Officer was Driving at High Speeds

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The actions of one police officer in Dallas, Texas have many people questioning the conduct of law enforcement in general. A video shows the officer losing control of his vehicle in a residential area while driving at extremely high speeds. Although police in Dallas are keeping relatively mum about the auto accident, a leaked video reveals part of what happened the night of the crash. It clearly shows the police officer losing control of his vehicle, speeding and crashing into a tree. He is believed to have been driving as fast as 100 mph when the accident took place.

The officer was supposedly on his way to assist another police officer who was in need of a backup unit. However, those in the community are questioning whether it was necessary and safe for the officer to be driving so fast in the neighborhood as such high speeds can lead to fatal car accidents. Were you involved in an auto accident with a driver who was speeding or acting in a reckless manner? If so, you may wish to contact Zinda Law Group so you can have your case evaluated by an experienced Dallas personal injury lawyer that is committed to protecting your best interests.