Study finds that Understaffing in Nursing Homes Increases Death Risk

According to Trial magazine, nursing home abuse and neglect is an increasing problem throughout the nation. The article discusses how several studies have shown that both higher staff levels and less employee turnover lead to decreased malnutrition, abuse, neglect, death, and poor health.

Unfortunately, many nursing homes are decreasing their staff levels in order to improve their bottom line. However, less staff leads to patients that need care being pushed to the bottom of an increasingly long list. With several patients in nursing homes often needing care around-the-clock, the decreased staff and continual influx of patients has resulted in many neglect and abuse cases across the country.

According to the magazine article, "Government regulators have recognized the danger of understaffing in nursing homes." As a result, the government has imposed several regulations that nursing homes often have to abide by that hope to improve the well-being of many nursing home patients.

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