Transvaginal Mesh Injury Lawyers in Surprise, Arizona

Last updated on: May 28, 2013

Transvaginal Mesh Injury Lawyer in Surprise Arizona

Transvaginal mesh has been used for several years to treat pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and stress urinary incontinence (SUI). The mesh is implanted vaginally to support weakened pelvic walls. 30 or so companies have supplied the product to the medical community who believed it to be a cutting-edge solution for these conditions.

In July of 2011, the FDA declared that it had received almost 3,000 complaints associated with the transvaginal mesh procedure. Just several years later, approximately 10,000 women have come forward complaining of the mesh eroding into the bowel or vagina and other symptoms. Experts believe that thousands of these women will require further surgeries to try and correct the problems and a number of patients have had multiple surgeries already.

The public is wondering how something this severe could have gotten past the FDA’s rigorous testing program but the truth is that the product was never tested. It had been working well with hernia patients for several years and therefore qualified for the FDA’s 510(k) fast track program.

Victim’s Rights

Thousands of women are now suffering with many painful symptoms. Doctors are recommending further surgeries for some to try and correct the problems. Numerous women have already had a dozen or more procedures completed without relief. But some of these victims may continue to experience difficulties for years to come.

Women across the country are coming forward to complain of symptoms like:

  • Pain
  • Chronic infection
  • Urinary problems
  • Bleeding
  • Pain while having sex
  • Discomfort

Though some women are embarrassed to discuss their condition, others are outraged that such a thing could happen in this day and age.

The law offices of Zinda Law Group PLLC are currently handling a transvaginal mesh mass torte for victims, seeking damages from one or more parties on behalf of victims. This class action law suit is designed to help those who are now experiencing medical problems to get the help they need.

If you’ve had this surgery and are currently having medical complications, it’s important to seek advice from a trained Surprise lawyer at once. Please call the offices of Zinda Law Group PLLC today and speak to someone about your case. The call is free and we offer free legal consultations so that you can discuss your case with a legal professional.

Get Help from an Experienced Surprise, AZ Attorney

Zinda Law Group PLLC believes that the victims of transvaginal mesh should have a voice. We know that you may be experiencing a great deal of worry and stress over your condition, but our skilled Surprise attorneys have years of experience. We care about victims and their families. Please call today to schedule a free appointment where you can discuss your case with one of our highly qualified lawyers.