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We have a lot to thank commercial vehicle drivers for, whether it’s for keeping the shelves at our local grocery store in downtown Temple stocked or making sure that our packages arrive when expected. However, the increasing number of commercial vehicles on Interstate 35 and Highway 190 can also be very dangerous. In fact, in 2020, hundreds of commercial vehicles caused fatal accidents on the roads of Texas. That is not to mention all of the non-fatal injuries that were a result of commercial vehicle accidents. Our Temple commercial vehicle accident lawyers are compassionate, experienced, and ready to fight for you to get the compensation you deserve.

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You may be thinking to yourself, “But I have been in a car accident before, and my insurance company knows it wasn’t my fault, so why would I need an injury lawyer near me?” That is a fair question to ask, but there are many great reasons why hiring an experienced Temple injury attorney is so important, and below we have listed just a few.

Your Temple Injury Lawyer Can Investigate to Determine Who Is Liable

One of the many reasons why hiring an accident lawyer is so important is that they can help you maximize accountability, meaning they can investigate your claim and figure out who was liable for your injuries. Someone is liable to you if you have a legally enforceable claim against them because they breached a duty or obligation that they owed to you.

You may be thinking that the commercial vehicle driver is the one who is liable because he or she was driving negligently when the accident occurred, and in many instances that may be true. However, sometimes there are other possible defendants that could be liable to you as well.

For example, if the commercial vehicle driver was working and was acting within the scope of his employment when the accident occurred, then his employer could be liable to you under a doctrine called respondeat superior. In Texas this doctrine allows employers to be held liable so long as the driver was within the course and scope of his employment, meaning he wasn’t running a personal errand or something like that when the accident occurred.

Other times there may be other possible defendants as well, such as if the commercial vehicle’s headlights were defective, causing the accident. In that case, the manufacturer of the headlights could be found to be liable.

Investigating your claim to maximize accountability is extremely important. By making sure that you sue all of the individuals who are responsible, you are therefore increasing the likelihood of being awarded, and actually receiving, the maximum amount of compensation available.

Your Lawyer Can Identify the Correct Legal Claims

In addition to figuring out who is liable, your Temple truck accident lawyer can also figure out what legal claims you have. Every case will present different possible legal claims, and each legal claim will have different elements that need to be proven. For example, negligence is a very common legal claim in these kinds of cases, and for it to be successful the plaintiff must prove four elements: duty, breach, causation, and damages.

A negligence claim would apply if, for example, the commercial vehicle driver was texting or speeding at the time of the accident. Sometimes a plaintiff will have other legal claims as well.

In the case of a commercial vehicle driver’s headlights malfunctioning, the claim would likely be products liability. In Texas products liability is a strict liability offense, which is very helpful to a plaintiff. Basically, it means that all the plaintiff needs to prove is that there was a defect in the product (the headlights) which caused the harm.

The damages that a plaintiff will be awarded depends on what his or her legal claim is. For example, in a wrongful death action, the plaintiff can be awarded funeral expenses and burial costs as well as damages for their loss of companionship.

On the other hand, in a negligence cause of action, the plaintiff is generally awarded economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages cover expenses like medical bills and lost wages, while non-economic damages cover less quantifiable harms like pain and suffering.

As you can see, determining what legal claim or claims your Temple accident lawyer presents on your behalf is very important. It not only determines what kind of damages you can receive, but it also establishes what elements you would need to prove in court, if necessary, in order to receive any compensation at all. An experienced Temple injury lawyer knows how to take care of this step for you so it is one less thing you have to worry about.

Your Temple Truck Accident Attorney Can Negotiate with the Other Driver’s Insurance

Many Texas personal injury cases are resolved outside of court through settlement agreement negotiations. Although a Temple accident attorney can help you plead and prove your case in court if you need to, they can also work to avoid this process entirely by negotiating with the opposing party’s counsel in hopes of reaching a settlement agreement that you are comfortable with.

Negotiating with the opposing counsel is not an easy task, and it is certainly not one you want to do on your own. At Zinda Law Group, our Texas truck accident attorneys have negotiated countless settlements for victims of commercial truck accidents and are ready and willing to do the same for you.

Five important steps to take after a TEMPLE TRUCK ACCIDENT

In the aftermath of a commercial vehicle accident in Temple, it can be nearly impossible to think clearly. Whether you are in shock or are preoccupied with an injury, remembering to take practical steps—like writing down the name of the other driver—can be an afterthought at best. However, the steps you take after a car or commercial vehicle accident can greatly impact the likelihood of you recovering the maximum amount of compensation possible.

The best thing you can do for yourself, or your loved ones is be prepared for how you would respond in the event that an accident happened to you. So, if you or a loved one are in a commercial vehicle accident, consider taking these five steps to best prepare yourself for future compensation.

1. Seek Medical Attention

If anyone on the scene is injured, or thinks that they might be injured, you need to call 911 as soon as you can. Even if your injury feels like it might be minor, or you do not notice an injury at all, it is always best to get checked out by a medical provider.

Many injuries, such as internal bleeding, may not be obvious to you right away. However, if left untreated, the injury can get much worse and can even be fatal. Consequently, you should always say “yes” to getting checked out and make sure that the other passengers of your car do the same.

Another reason why it is so important to get checked out by a medical provider is that if you don’t, and if an injury surfaces later on, the defendant in your lawsuit could down the road try to argue that the car accident wasn’t the root cause of your injury. Of course, an experienced Temple injury lawyer could counterargue against that defense, but getting checked out is an easy way to avoid that potential problem.

2. Report the Accident

If you remember to follow Step 1, then following Step 2 shouldn’t be too difficult for you. Generally, when you call 911, a police officer and an ambulance will come to the scene of the accident. You can report the accident to the Texas State trooper who arrives at the scene.

Texas law requires that if anyone at all was injured, the accident must be reported and the caller must remain on the scene until the officer says otherwise. However, even if no one is seriously injured, it is still always best to call the police to the scene no matter what. You should at the very lease report the accident to the police, and having the officer come to the scene is generally the easiest way for you to do that.

When you are helping the officer fill out the report, give a detailed explanation of what happened and include all important facts. For example, if you saw the commercial vehicle driver texting—which is what caused the accident—be sure to mention that to the officer writing the report. The more detailed and accurate the report, the easier it will be for your Temple injury attorney to build your case down the road.

3. Document Everything

The police report is the first step, but if you can, you should also try to document everything yourself; documenting everything you can will be extremely helpful to your Temple . When you are on the scene, try to take pictures of the vehicle layout as well as the damage to your car and the commercial vehicle. If you have any visible injuries, take pictures of them as well.

Always take down the name of the other driver, their insurance information, and the name of their company if they were working when the accident happened. If there were any witnesses to the accident, ask for their names and contact information as well. If necessary, your Temple injury lawyer can use their testimony to support your case.

Lastly, consider keeping a journal of your road to recovery. It’s common for this legal process to take some time, and if you do end up needing to testify in front of a jury, it may be difficult for you to remember the intricacies of your road to recovery. By keeping a detailed journal of all the hardships you faced along the way, you will be better suited to explain your story later on.

The more you keep track of in that journal the better. Some examples of what you can write are:

  • days and times of all your medical appointments
  • names and dosages of any prescriptions resulting from the accident
  • how you are feeling each day or each week
  • days you had to take off work
  • expenses you had to pay out of pocket
  • emotional anguish you struggled with throughout your road to recovery

Whatever you are comfortable writing about will certainly help your Temple injury lawyer prove the severity of your injuries and losses affecting your family in court later on, if necessary.

4. Notify Your Insurance Company, but Don’t Talk to the Other Driver’s.

Regardless of fault, you should always notify your insurance company about the accident; do it as soon as you can. Your insurance provider can walk you through what steps you need to take, if any, following the accident.

Although it is best practice to talk to your insurance company, refrain from talking to the other driver’s insurance. Insurance companies for the negligent driver (or their employer) will always have one goal: to pay you as little as they can get away with. Unfortunately, that is just the way that insurance companies operate.

Because of this, the representative from the company could try to elicit certain information from you in order to diminish your claim or minimize the amount they will owe you. Instead of talking to the insurance company on your own, try to only do so when your Temple injury lawyer is by your side or told you what to say. This important step can protect you from being wrongfully deprived the money you deserve.

5. Call Zinda Law Group

Last but not least, call the skilled accident lawyers at Zinda Law Group. Our experienced Temple injury lawyers know how to investigate your claim, negotiate with insurance, and, if necessary, prove your case in court.

Even if your insurance company is on your side and you are thinking, “I don’t need an injury lawyer near me,” hiring an attorney is always in your best interest. Having an experienced injury lawyer by your side can greatly increase the likelihood of you receiving the maximum amount of compensation possible and can ensure that you are fully informed at every step of the process.

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Accidents are overwhelming, and having to deal with the legal consequences on top of healing from your injuries can make a hard situation even harder. Instead, let Zinda Law Group do it for you. At Zinda Law Group, our Temple accident lawyers have helped dozens of people in situations like yours receive the compensation they deserve to get back on their feet literally and figuratively.

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