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When you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, you may wonder about damages. Motorcycles can be a very dangerous means of transportation. Accident fatality statistics indicate a high percentage of deaths occur in motorcycle accidents as compared to automobile accidents. If you ride a motorcycle, you know how exposed you are to accident or injury. How can an experienced attorney be of assistance to you after a motorcycle accident?


Inexperience and ignorance of motorcycle riding techniques cause motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle training is more involved than automobile training because a greater skill level is required to ride a motorcycle. If you are a motorcycle driver, defensive driving skills are a must.  If you are in an accident where fault is debatable, the fact that you took a motorcycle training course could weigh in your favor. Motorcycle accidents also have a high percentage of injury associated with them an incredibly high number, approaching 95 percent. There are few safety features on motorcycles. There’s no windshield, seat-belt, bumpers, doors or roof to protect the driver in an accident. A helmet and protective clothing is often your only protection.

Another likely cause of a motorcycle accident is the other driver’s negligence. We’ve all seen the bumper stickers: “Start Seeing Motorcycles”. At night, a motorcycle’s profile on the road illustrates the problem: In the dark, only one headlight is visible, not the two headlights most motorists see either before or behind them. That’s half the visual presence. At least at night motorcyclists have the light to represent them on the road. In the daytime, the opportunity to drive in someone’s blind spot is increased exponentially. Since many communities insist on noise ordinances, you can’t even use loud tailpipes to warn people of your presence. Motorcyclists have to drive defensively every second they are on the road.

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Intervening Causes

When you think about the causes of the motorcycle accident, there may be factors that you had no control over. Did the people responsible for the road surface allow a dangerous road condition to persist like poorly maintained roads or structural weaknesses? If other parties were involved, did the presence of a commercial vehicle contribute to the accident? Was the driver present to remove the obstructing vehicle? If a fire resulted from the crash and caused injury, did it result from a manufacturer’s negligence? How extensive and severe were the burn injuries? Was the motorcycle defective in any way? Did the manufacturer fail in designing the motorcycle or constructing it in such a fashion that an accident resulted? These are the types of issues that a lawyer experienced in motorcycle claims can assess.

Under the Influence

If the motorcyclist was alone when the accident occurred, did the motorcyclist take any kind of prescribed medication? Did the medication cause drowsiness and did the motorcyclist know the medication caused drowsiness? If another driver was involved, what was the condition of the other driver? Was any alcohol involved? What did the other driver’s motor vehicle driving record show that might be pertinent to your accident? Many of these questions can only be answered by a diligent attorney who wants to provide zealous representation. All of these factors play into fault and may not be properly recorded in a police report.

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