Premises Liability Lawyers in Temple, Texas

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People spend much of their time on land and property that does not belong to them, and are thus reliant on others for their safety. Anyone who suffers harm while on property that belongs to someone else may be eligible for compensation under the principle of premises liability, but this will probably require intervention by a personal injury attorney. Premises liability is one area of practice of the law firm of Zinda Law Group.

Many potential threats exist in such businesses as grocery and retail stores, including elevators, escalators and displays, all of which must be properly maintained for reasons of safety. Technical failures in such facilities can open the door to legal action if they caused a personal injury. A slip and fall-type accident may constitute a valid premises liability case if it resulted from the failure of a business to provide adequate lighting and handrails, and walkways that are clean and properly maintained. Companies also have a responsibility to their employees, and must provide them with adequate lighting, ventilation and any necessary equipment. Residential property owners can be held responsible for injuries that resulted from their negligence, and government entities can also be held liable in cases of accidents occurring on public property. Whether they are guests, patrons or employees, those injured in accidents that result from the actions of others should consult with an attorney for the purpose of seeking monetary compensation.

In accordance with Texas law, property owners are responsible for providing a safe environment to their visitors. However, the level of responsibility of the property owner in the event of an injury will depend upon the nature of the visitation. An invitee is considered to be a customer or an employee who has the open approval of the owner to be on the property, and should expect that everything has been done to protect his or her safety. A licensee will enter a property for some individual purpose, usually for social reasons, and should not expect that extra safety precautions have been taken for him or her. However, property owners still have a responsibility to identify blatantly hazardous conditions and at least make them known to their visitors. A trespasser is someone who enters a property without the authority of the owner. Nevertheless, property owners can be held liable for harm to a trespasser if they created a situation that they knew could be dangerous or at least failed to provide an adequate warning. A personal injury attorney understands the law and will carefully investigate any accident to determine whether the case is valid and warrants litigation.

Businesses and most homeowners have liability insurance policies, but these may not cover the costs of a personal injury, which can include medical expenses and lost wages. Under the circumstances, it will be necessary to seek further damages from the assets of the property owner. An attorney from the law firm of Zinda Law Group can be the best advocate in helping obtain compensation for the victims in cases of premises liability in Temple.