Texas City Nursing Home Sued for Neglect


At a nursing facility in Galveston, men and women allegedly experienced neglect and injury when they were placed in substandard care. Reports say that the nursing home did not monitor patients carefully, and that many seniors took damaging tumbles because they were not aided or watched carefully. One Texas City resident recently filed a lawsuit against the nursing facility because he didn’t want to tolerate the neglect any longer. Court documents show that Eddie Matthews fell twice in 2011 while under the care of the Gulf Healthcare Center. The defendant admitted Eddie Matthews to the nursing home in 2008.

Within the next three years, the resident fell and fractured his right hip. He required surgery, and had a long and painful recover. The incident was then followed by another fall only a month later when the resident hurt his right hip once again. In addition to the two painful and tragic falls, the plaintiff claims that Eddie Matthews obtained bedsores from being poorly attended to while he was on bed rest after his accident. The plaintiff claims that the Gulf Healthcare Center continually failed to provide sufficient numbers of nursing personnel who could provide the needed care his relative needed.

He says that if the home was staffed properly, they would not have these serious problems. The plaintiff also claims that the GHC markets itself as an experienced and caring home for seniors, but then contradicts the claims by making poor decisions and harming residents. The plaintiff says that his relative has suffered physical pain, psychological distress, emotional distress, mental anguish, and medical expenses as a result of the nursing home treatment and deserves just compensation. If your loved one has been abused in a nursing home then you also have the right to sue. Contact a personal injury attorney today for more information!