Texas Girl Loses Limb in Tragic Boat Crash

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Abby Meuller was enjoying a family vacation at Kezar Lake in Maine when disaster struck. The 15-year-old from Texas was sitting with her legs dangling freely off the side of the family’s boat when the watercraft hit a submerged rock. The impact ejected the teen from the boat, where she was sliced by the boat’s powerful propeller. The sharp propeller severe her leg from her body below the knee. Abby’s parents immediately called 911 and she was airlifted to Boston in critical condition. Her father told The Republic that the family was just enjoying their time on the boat and did not see the rock that was hidden under the water ahead.

The family of 5 was all on the boat, expect for one child who was being towed behind the watercraft on an inflatable. Two cousins were also present at the time. Mr. Meuller suffered some slight injuries in the crash, but Abby was the only child who was in critical condition. Officials don’t believe that alcohol was to blame for the accident. When rocks are submerged below the service, the lake officials are supposed to mark that area with a buoy so that boaters know to avoid it.

Without a marker there as a warning, more accidents like Abby’s tragic fall off the boat can occur. If you have been hurt in a lake accident because of the lake staff’s negligence to care for your safety, then you have the right to sue for compensation. While money won’t be able to undo the extensive damage that you may have suffered, the finances can make adjusting to life without a limb a little easier. You may be able to afford medical expenses, treatments, or luxuries that you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to afford. Talk to a personal injury attorney in Dallas today if you want more information!