Motorcycle Accident Lawyer: Statistics

Last updated on: July 14, 2015

As a motorcycle driver you must deal with the reality that you are at much greater risk of a life-threatening injury when involved in an accident than an automobile driver. In fact, according to the National Department of Transportation motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to have an accident and 95% of motorcycle accidents lead to injury or death.

Vital Statistics

The growing popularity of motorcycle and dirt bike ownership is driving-up the number of serious accidents for these enthusiasts.  Head injuries are the leading cause of serious harm or death in motorcycle accidents.  Speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and ignoring weather conditions, like slick road surfaces, are also major factors in these mishaps. Even making turns, especially left turns, can create a dangerous situation if drivers do not use proper caution.  Not only do motorcyclists have to account for the usual driving obstacles, such as blind spots or blocked views, but they also must deal with automobile drivers who often ignore the driving guidelines when interacting with motorcycles. Whether it is the fact that motorcycles stop sooner than a car, or just simply a matter of insufficient attention by automobile drivers to smaller vehicles, the odds of being in an accident always are an important consideration. Consider the following essential statistics:

  • Three-fourths of motorcycle accidents involve a collision with a larger vehicle.
  • In multiple vehicle accidents, one or more automobiles violated the motorcyclist’s right of way two-thirds of the time.
  • Failure of other motorists to recognize and detect the motorcyclist is the primary reason for accidents.
  • The most likely locations of accidents are intersections.
  • Most crashes happen at speeds under thirty miles per hour and are usually within a short distance from the start of an outing.
  • Wearing a helmet significantly reduces these risks.

Accidents Do Happen

When you decide to ride a motorcycle, you need to prepare yourself for all eventualities.  Even when observing every safeguard, accidents can still occur! In the case of an accident, make sure all your vehicle damage and physical injuries are fully compensated. Insurance companies will dedicate themselves to limiting your damages with their unlimited resources and thorough understanding of complex insurance law. They will often offer a quick settlement before the full extent of your medical needs are determined.  Only a qualified and experienced motorcycle attorney can secure all your rights and foil any attempts to deny your claim.

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