Texas Motorcycle Lawyers: Typical Injuries

Last updated on: July 28, 2015


As a motorcycle enthusiast, it is important to know the most likely injuries you may incur and all aspects of physical care and recovery.  If you are the victim of a motorcycle accident, do not overlook the fact that your injuries may seem superficial, but, in reality, could be very serious and require very expensive medical treatments and extensive rehabilitation!

Common Motorcycle Injuries

Head injuries are the most dangerous of all motorcycle injuries. A head injury can lead to long-term brain damage, as well as serious neck injury.  Often, injuries to the brain or neck do not manifest themselves immediately, but, once recognized, may get progressively worse.  Insurance companies will try to force you accept an immediate settlement that does not include coverage for any long-term medical needs.

Road rash occurs when a motorcycle rider scrapes the pavement with any part of his or her body. Sustaining this kind of injury may lead to complications, such as infection and nerve damage.  Initially, road rash may not seem serious, but, over time, your physical condition could deteriorate to a chronic condition.  It is imperative that you receive expert advice to ensure a total recovery.

Lower body injuries are the most common event during a motorcycle accident.  The degree of injury can vary from minor bruises and cuts to shattered bones, torn muscles and nerve damage. These kind of injuries may demand long-term rehabilitation to avoid partial or full paralysis. The financial ramifications of such treatment can quickly spiral into a huge cash outlay. Therefore, you must make sure you are covered for worst case scenarios.

Biker’s arm happens to motorcycle riders when they try to brace themselves as they are falling with their vehicle. Unlike cars that have seat belts, air bags and a metal frame, the motorcyclist has only his arms to cushion his landing. The impact can lead to bruises, cuts, broken bones and nerve damage.


When an accident occurs, insurance companies seek the most expeditious and least expensive settlement.  Of course, this is in their best financial interest. Unfortunately this course of action may not satisfy your needs and leave you physically and financially bankrupt. Because motorcycle accidents can create lasting medical and financial situations, protect yourself by contacting a lawyer who has the expertise to fight for your well-being.

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