Texas Motorcycle Accident Lawyer: What to Do


No one anticipates an accident while driving a motorcycle, but you can be mentally and financially prepared should such a critical event occur. Surviving the traumatic event requires a series of easy steps. Having professional and experienced legal representation will guarantee that you are made physically and financially whole after the accident.

Adequate insurance is key to recouping losses suffered from any motor-vehicular mishap. During the course of a claim, many issues arise that can deny you an equitable settlement. Fortunately, there are precautions you can take when selecting a policy and filing a claim for the damage caused to your property, and most importantly your health.

Choosing the Correct Policy    

Create a detailed account of the value of your motorcycle and all of the contents to ascertain how much insurance is really needed. You will also need to determine the injury limitations of your policy. Once you determine the dollar amount of coverage, carefully read your policy to make sure it meets your expectations. Does the policy cover replacement cost or does it cover actual cash value?  Actual cash value will factor in depreciation and may leave you with out-of-pocket expenses to replace or repair your property. Does the policy cover all physical rehabilitation, or does it provide a cap which could leave you with expenses for years to come.

Texas Laws

Be aware of the laws of your state.  Are there helmet laws for driving on major thoroughfares?  Are there limits to the number of people who can ride the motorcycle? Does your insurance cover only the primary driver or any passengers? What is the statute of limitations? An experienced attorney can answer these questions and advise you of all contingencies.

Immediately after the accident   

Once you are safe you can evaluate your injuries. If you are in serious pain, stay as still as possible until help arrives so you do not aggravate your injury. Call 911 immediately or have someone else call if you are unable. If physically able, check out traffic conditions and visibility of oncoming traffic. If necessary, try to move your motorcycle out harm’s way.

Gather personal information of any witnesses and anyone else who was involved in the accident on your cell phone if possible, and NEVER discuss the cause or any other aspect of what just occurred with anyone. Be cooperative with authorities but do not admit that the accident was your fault. If you are injured, request medical help and ask the responders to photograph your injuries. Have someone take pictures of your damaged motorcycle and other evidence of the accident such as skids marks, damage to the other vehicle, etc.


Your medical bills and damage to your vehicle are not your only concerns following an accident.  There are future medical expenses, lost time at work, transportation costs for medical treatment, child care while you are incapacitated, pain and suffering and long terms effects just to name a few. The insurance company will try to avoid any payments, even if they are legitimate. Insurance companies are trying to make a profit and will use loopholes only an expert advocate would know.

You need to think of everything before you file a formal damages claim, because once an award is issued by your insurance company or you sign a settlement agreement, it is unlikely that you will be able to come back for more money later. A qualified motorcycle accident attorney can guide you through this process.

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