What Should I Do About Back Pain After a Car Accident In Texas?

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A car accident can result in a multitude of physical injuries, and back pain is a very common one of them.  After suffering an injury in an accident, you may be able to seek compensation from the responsible party for any resulting medical expenses, as well as for the pain and suffering that caused by the accident. So long as you haven’t dismissed the responsible party from liability by signing a release, you may still be eligible to seek compensation for your claim.

Injuries include more than just something that happens initially after a car accident first happens.  A lot of pain, like back pain, has delayed symptoms and may take months to come on.  Do not ignore your pain and fight to seek the maximum compensation you may be entitled to.

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What to Do When You Start Feeling Back Pain

If you start experiencing back pain after a car accident, here are a few steps you can take:

1. Go see a doctor

The first step you should always take after being involved in an accident is to go seek medical attention.  Often time people don’t think they are hurt that badly and therefore choose to not see a doctor.  Injuries can often lay dormant, and sometimes there are internal injuries that cannot be seen by the naked eye.  Always go see a doctor in order to have your injuries evaluated, develop a treatment plan, and have an official record created of your injuries.

2. Consult an attorney

A lot of people think they can handle dealing with the insurance companies on their own, but we always recommend that you consult an attorney to assist you with your claim.  Insurance companies can take advantage of vulnerable victims and its important to make sure that you protect yourself.  It is extremely beneficial to have an experienced attorney looking out for your best interests.

3. Consider going to see a chiropractor

Not all doctors can help you with your back pain to the same degree that a chiropractor can.  Consider talking to a chiropractor to see if they can offer a treatment plan that is right for you.  This may help ensure that you get the quality of care you deserve.

4. Never sign or agree to anything with insurance

Insurance companies will do everything they can to minimize your compensation.  Therefore, they will often try to get you to sign documents admitting fault, admitting to a certain fact, or even dismissing the responsible parties liability altogether.  Do not fall for any of this.  Never sign anything without consulting your attorney first to discuss what the document is and what it could mean for your claim.

5. Keep all of your records

Having good documentation is a sure fire way to make sure your claim is processed efficiently and you go up strong against an insurance company.  This documentation includes medical records, police reports, photos, and other relevant material.  Hold on to all of this information and anything new that you receive.  Additionally, try to keep everything well organized.  A good tip is to organize things by date so that you have a clear timeline of your case.

What to Expect from an Insurance Company

Like every other business, an insurance company has one goal of turning a profit.  Unfortunately, the way they achieve this is by minimizing the settlements they pay out. This means they will try to do everything they can to undervalue your claim and pay you as little as possible.

Fortunately, you can protect your interests by hiring an experienced attorney to fight for you.  An attorney may be able to help you from the very beginning stages of determining the value of your claim all the way to negotiating with the insurance companies about settlement.  In the event you cannot come to a settlement agreement, an attorney may be able to advise you on the options of going to trial.

Our Texas Car Accident Attorneys May Help

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