Episode 6: How To Hire Great People

Last updated on: September 18, 2020
Episode 6: How To Hire Great People


This week the Zinda Law Group team have put together a ‘how to guide’ on finding and choosing the right candidates for law firms. Former litigators, Allyson and Christie share their tried and tested methods on how to maximize your time when vetting candidates. Together these recruitment gurus provide not only practical tips on hiring software and where to look for candidates, but also invaluable tips for applicants themselves on how to get their resume to the top of the pile. Recruiters, if you want one piece of advice, the resounding recommendation is – ‘listen to your instincts’.

Discussed in this episode:

● Why Allyson and Christie went from law to recruitment

● The good and the bad of law firm recruitment

● The cost of poor recruitment

● The benefit of a recruitment specialist

● Where to look for candidates

● Tips for applicants


The importance of recruitment

Starting with the basics, the team discusses why recruitment is important for a law firm.

Recruitment is paramount, according to Allyson, because “the people are the firm,” and making sure you are getting great people is the key to building a great firm.

Additionally, investing in a recruitment department is cost efficient in more ways than one. First and foremost, it takes a lot of work and pressure off the attorneys at the firm. Also, when it comes down to it, hiring the wrong person can be costly. Not only are there financial implications, but, as Jack Zinda points out, it is ‘really bad for morale’.


Recruiting is a full-time job

This is where recruitment specialists come in.

Finding the right candidate can be a time consuming job. The best way to maximize an attorney’s time, according to Allyson, is to let a recruitment specialist handle the initial vetting of candidates. This can take the form of a short interview to establish whether a candidate is a good culture fit for the firm. Then, a meeting with an attorney can be set to determine whether the candidate can do the work, and do the work well.

This process makes the best use of everyone’s time.


Tricks of the trade

If you want to find your perfect candidate, where should you look?

If you are looking to hire an attorney, advertising on your State Bar is a great opportunity, although it may cost more than other sites. For other legal positions, you can post directly to law schools around the country to lure in the best fresh talent.  For all roles, Christie recommends utilizing the free job posts on Indeed for wider reach.

And, applicants, if you want to make the right impression, put professionalism at the top of your priority list. From your resume to your attire, appearance does matter.