Truck Accident Victim Walks Out of Hospital Two Weeks Later

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Local news sources say that one man walked out of a hospital last week after a truck accident that could have killed him. The victim, G.M., was traveling on a Dallas, Texas highway when an 18-wheeler ahead of him lost control. The truck flipped over and landed directly on top of the G.M.’s sports car. Thanks to the quick action of strangers, however, G.M. was pulled to safety from his vehicle. News sources said the rescuers had just moments to pull G.M. from his vehicle as gasoline was gathering.

After G.M. was removed from his car, one of the witnesses, a nurse, knew to stabilize his neck as she believed it was injured. When G.M. arrived at the hospital, her suspicions were confirmed. He had sustained serious neck injuries and doctors were forced to perform emergency surgery. They used one of his ribs and fused it to his neck to correct the damage that had been done. After just two weeks of rehabilitative therapy, G.M. was able to walk out of the hospital unassisted. Trucking accidents can lead to debilitating injuries that not only cost people their physical livelihood, but also their quality of life. If you’ve suffered from adversities due to a truck accident, take the time to contact Zinda Law Group to discuss your legal options with an experienced and empathetic Dallas personal injury attorney from our office. We will act quickly to review your case and pursue appropriate legal measures.