Tucson 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyers

Semi-truck accidents are easily the most harrowing collisions on the highways, as no typical passenger vehicle or pick-up truck is a physical match against a big rig or a commercial container vehicle. Box trucks can be just as dangerous as tractor trailers in certain situations, even though 18-wheelers can jackknife when they go out of control. This is a common occurrence in many truck accident investigations.

There are also many other factors that could cause a trucking accident, and numerous areas must be examined when compiling evidence. However, time is of the essence for injury victims following an 18-wheeler accident, as evidence can evaporate quickly.

Trucking companies step in quickly in an attempt to control the accident investigation from the very beginning. What this means for truck accident victims is that they need an experienced Tucson 18-wheeler accident attorney investigating the collision.

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Independent Accident Investigation

The sooner an accident attorney can begin investigating the crash, the better the chances for finding material evidence. Accident reconstruction and inspection of the actual big-rig can be vital to a strong claim.

Many trucking accidents are caused by faulty mechanical equipment, and evidence can often be found during the inspection. This can be especially important in cases where accidents have no apparent cause regarding human negligence. Moreover, evidence of malfunctioning vehicle parts can also impact the potential value of an injury claim. Parts manufacturers are held to strict liability regarding use of company products, and many times it is the independent investigations by plaintiff lawyers that find that evidence.

Official Accident Investigation

The State of Arizona will conduct an official investigation with an accident reconstruction specialist issuing an official analysis shortly after the event. Having your legal counsel conducting an independent investigation also means your attorney can argue any claims by the insurance or trucking companies regarding personal fault in the crash, which can in turn put potential limitations on any claim settlement.

Insurance and trucking companies are always concerned with lowering the total damage payout following a truck accident. They have no obligation to the injured victim beyond paying the claim as cheaply as possible.

Investigating the Driver and Trucking Company

Your Tucson 18-wheeler accident lawyer can also investigate the track record of the shipping company or commercial employer for past citations and fines regarding rules and regulations, including speeding or other safety violations.

Truck accidents regularly occur because drivers and shipping companies are lax on safety requirements and equipment maintenance. The driving history of the operator can also be evaluated, including their driving record while not on duty. The number of hours logged for the month can also be an issue if the driver has driven too many monthly or daily hours. Evidence can be found practically anywhere in a truck accident case, and your Tucson truck accident lawyer can use all pertinent information to maximize a claim settlement value.

Multiple Negligent Parties

Multiple negligent respondents are common in truck accidents, which often means the victims can be compensated for whole damages with little comparative negligence discounts, especially for passengers who were not driving. Punitive damages may also be available if your Tucson trucking lawyer can prove gross negligence in a full trial against any driver or employer, and the potential for punitive damages can be excellent settlement negotiation leverage.

Skilled Tucson Truck Accident Lawyers

Never attempt to settle a truck accident claim personally, especially when there are serious or fatal injuries. Not only can wrongful death claims arise from a trucking accident, but in many instances, families of accident victims may also have legal standing for loss of consortium claims. The potential for multiple negligent parties and multiple avenues of financial compensation can make truck accident cases both valuable and complicated, and who you choose for legal counsel matters.

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