Most Common Types of Car Accidents in Tucson

Car accidents can lead to terrible injuries that cause pain and suffering. The legal issues that follow regarding compensation are extremely important to the injured and their families. A careful evaluation of your specific injury case should be undertaken as early as possible after the accident.

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Types of Car Accidents

Head-On Collision. These types of car crashes happen when another vehicle on the roadway drifts into the right of way of oncoming traffic; usually because of steering overcorrection or traveling too close to one side of the lane. While many well-travelled roads have medians that provide crash barriers, the risk of a head-on collision is most frequent and dangerous on narrow roads outside the city limits that don’t have anything but paint separating the lanes on twists and turns.

Rear-End Collision. When one car crashes into the back of another, the cause is usually the driver in back following too close to the front driver (“tailgating”), but “panic stops” leading to a crash are also frequent on Arizona roadways. Many rear-end collisions happen when one car is waiting to make a turn at a stop or yield signal, and the car immediately behind proceeds into the turn without pause. With enough force, a rear-end collision can involve more than just two cars, if the force from the initial collision can create a domino effect.

Side/Angle Impact. These types of collisions typically occur at intersections, where someone has improperly (if not wrongfully) taken the right of way; even if there is a stop sign or stop light. When one car crashes into another at a perpendicular angle at a roadway junction, the wreck is often referred to as a “T-bone.” Motorists may also swerve out of their lane as well and hit others in the side of the car or perhaps even just “side swipe” a vehicle they pass too closely. One particular danger from car accidents that impact the side of the vehicle is the ability of one car to push another into oncoming traffic, which would then involve more vehicles with possible head-on collisions.

Motorcycle/Bicycle Accidents. Motorcycles, bikes, and other two-wheeled vehicles share Arizona roadways with cars, pick-ups, SUV’s, and big rigs, but they are much harder to spot because of their size and maneuverability. Any type of accidents mentioned in this article can happen to operators of vehicles with two-wheels, and they are drastically more exposed to the impact of a wreck than the motorist inside a car. Keep in mind that Arizona law does not require riders over the age of 18 to wear protective helmets.

Single Vehicle Collision. Accidents involving single vehicles cover a wide variety of circumstances. Often vehicles run off-road due to misjudging a turn, avoiding an animal or other roadside obstruction, or even driver fatigue. This category, however, also includes a driver colliding with a pedestrian, animal, or other hazardous condition in the roadway. This category also includes situations where a product defect with the vehicle, such as faulty tires or defective braking or steering systems, leads to a loss of control and subsequent motor vehicle accident.

Rollovers. Most commonly, vehicles rollover from taking a corner at too great a speed, but impact from another vehicle or other roadway object, such as a curb during a sideways slide, can also cause a vehicle to topple. While most cars and sedans go into a slide from the inertia of an accident, sport utility vehicles and light pickup trucks are especially prone to, instead, rollover. This is because of their higher center of gravity specifically as a class of motor vehicle, but speed and steering sensitivity can also contribute to a vehicle’s tendency to roll.

Claims for Financial Compensation

We understand that your immediate goals are to get your medical bills paid, have your car, truck or motorcycle repaired, recover lost wages, and to make sure that you can afford any future medical treatment. Our experienced Tucson car accident attorneys will discuss your situation and go over the options available to you. We will also work with insurance companies and the other parties involved in your case to make sure your needs are addressed properly.

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