How to Negotiate a Dog Bite Claim with Farmers Insurance

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Dog bite cases can be extremely complex. Farmer’s Insurance has a proven track record of mounting effective investigations, so it is crucial that you bring the best possible demand to a settlement negotiation.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured by a dog bite recently, and you are preparing to negotiate with Farmer’s Insurance, please call Zinda Law Group at (800) 863-5312 for a free consultation with a Tucson dog bite attorney.

What to Expect in a Negotiation with Farmer’s

There are several things you must be prepared for in a dog bite claim negotiation with Farmer’s Insurance. To mount the best possible case, be sure to prepare the following materials:

  • Collect all of the reports from police and other law enforcement personnel who were on the scene or were contacted afterwards. Try to make a public records requests for any 911 calls or other points of contacts with dispatchers or medical personnel on the date of the injury.
  • Take photographs of the injuries, the area where it occurred, and if possible, the dog and its owners.
  • Compile all of your medical bills and incidental costs from the accident. These can include any lost wages, as well as non-economic damages including pain and suffering. Take into account the lack of ability to participate in hobbies or daily tasks into your calculations.
  • Ask your doctor for a report of your injuries and treatment.

Be Thorough in Describing the Details of Your Injury

It will be important to show the full extent of your damages. There are aspects of your life that may change in addition to the physical injury resulting from your dog bite.

Clearly document all of the ways in which the incident has had a mental and emotional impact on your well-being and loved ones. These non-economic damages may play an important role in negotiations.

Be Patient

Farmers Insurance will likely have more bargaining power than you during the negotiation process. It will be important to put yourself in a better negotiating position before you file a claim in order to feel more comfortable at the negotiation table with them.

The best way to improve your negotiating position is to call an experienced dog bite attorney. A Tucson injury lawyer will have better knowledge about what sort of damages you can expect from a jury.

Having a clear understanding of the value of your claim will help you navigate the negotiation process, and will allow you to know what your bottom line should be while negotiating. Arizona dog bite attorneys can advocate on your behalf to reach a fair and just resolution of your claim.

Get Help From a Compassionate Tucson Dog Bite Attorney

Dog bites are often stressful injuries that come with a complex set of emotions. They pit people against each other, and involve pets which are very dear to people’s hearts. At Zinda Law Group, our Arizona dog bite lawyers can help you navigate the difficulties of such cases and seek the compensation you deserve after a serious injury.

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