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As the saying goes, pedestrians have the right of way. We all hope this is at the forefront of every motorist, but Arizona still witnessed 1,507 pedestrian accidents last year leading to 154 deaths. The country continues to make roadways safer for pedestrians through means like more frequent crosswalks, signalization, refuge islands, and other traffic safety measures. However, according to a study by the U.S. Department of Transportation, pedestrians running out into traffic accounts for only about 15% of the pedestrian accidents. Most pedestrian crashes are caused by a driver failing to yield the right of way.

A pedestrian is the most vulnerable user of the roads in Pima County when involved in an auto accident. The negligence of a driver operating a vehicle weighing at least several tons is the most common cause for the devastating injuries a pedestrian suffers in a wreck. Under the law, the injured pedestrian is owed not only their substantial medical bills to treat their injuries but also pain and suffering, lost wages at work, compensation for disfigurement, and possibly punitive damages if the driver was reckless enough. Rest assured that the parties responsible will dedicate endless resources to deny a legitimate claim for high-level damages that a pedestrian will endure from a driver’s negligence. A victim of a driver’s negligence must enlist the help of a personal injury lawyer experienced with these types of cases to ensure full compensation as mandated by Arizona law.

Types of Injuries Sustained in Pedestrian Accidents

Soft Tissue. Soft tissue injuries such as contusions, lacerations, sprains, and strains are the second most common injury from pedestrian accidents. Given the size and weight of an automobile, a pedestrian struck by a car or truck is certain to have major bruising from the collision. Pedestrians may be thrown from the scene of the impact and suffer lacerations and contusions from the fall. Furthermore, the phenomenon of “road rash” occurs when the body slides across the abrasive and uneven surface of the roadway, which can lead to permanent scarring or missing chunks of flesh. 

Broken Bones. Pedestrians have absolutely nothing to protect them from the force of impact, unlike a motorist whose car comes equipped with safety features like air bags and safety belts. According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), fractured bones are the largest single group of injuries suffered by pedestrians in accidents.

Head Injuries. Cyclists and bikers wear helmets in anticipation of a wreck, but a pedestrian rarely, if ever, have any protection from a head injury in a collision with a car. A head injury may result in a concussion in a best case scenario, but high speeds can lead to great impacts that may cause a traumatic brain injury, paralysis, blindness, or even death. The FHWA estimates that about 19% of the injuries suffered in a pedestrian accident on a roadway produce head injuries.

Spinal Cord Injuries. A pedestrian who suffers a spinal cord injury can have a permanently impaired quality of life; such as dealing with permanent paralysis. Collisions between pedestrians and motor vehicles cause back and spine injuries between 6.2% and 8.3% of the time, but that still means about one in about every thirteen wrecks causes a spinal injury to the pedestrian involved.

Fatality. As stated before, Arizona lost 154 lives from wrecks that involved pedestrians. Even if a loved one has been killed by a negligent, or even reckless, driver on the Pima County roadways (or anywhere else in Arizona), a suit can still be brought by immediate family members or the personal representative of the decedent’s estate. 

If you or a loved one has been severely injured in a pedestrian/motor vehicle collision, call a Tucson Pedestrian Accident Lawyer at Zinda Law Group PLLC to fight for your rights and your recovery. Pedestrians should garner the most attention using Arizona roadways, but that does not stop other drivers from operating negligently or even recklessly; such as being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Call Zinda Law Group today to discuss the options of moving forward with your case, so justice can be served.


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