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School Fraud in Tucson

For people in and around Tucson, school fraud is becoming a major problem. If you are in Arizona, then you probably know that educational opportunities are expanding for today’s students. More students are choosing to get their education from online colleges and other non-traditional schools. While some of these schools provide their students with good opportunities at a low price, others are in the business of defrauding their students. For-profit colleges sometimes lie about their job placement statistics or fail to disclose important factors to students who enter. There are many ways that school fraud can take place and if you have been the victim of this fraud, then you should call an attorney. The lawyers at Zinda Law Group can help.

Lies about accreditation status

One of the most common types of school fraud occurs when representatives lie about accreditation. Many students are smart enough to know that they should only go to a school that has been properly vetted by some organization. Some for-profit schools lie about their accreditation, tricking students into signing up. Those students then find that their degrees will not allow them to work in certain positions or go on to certain graduate schools. This type of fraud is dangerous. You can file a claim if you’ve been damaged by these sorts of lies.

Misleading job statistics

Students spend their hard-earned money on college in hopes of getting a good job. Colleges understand this and because students put so much focus on job seeking, colleges will often lie about their statistics. They may tell students that the average graduate makes $100,000 or report that 99% of graduates have found jobs a few months after leaving the school. If such claims are false, then the school has committed fraud. Students who rely on this information when signing up for classes can file a claim against the school. If you contact the lawyers at Zinda Law Group, they can help you recoup the damages you have lost.

Transfer of credits

It is sometimes a good idea for students to start at a small college or online college before moving on to a four-year university. This can save money and gives students a chance to grow up a little bit. Online schools and other for-profit schools understand this and they make their money off of kids in this position. In some cases, these schools will lie to their students about the possibility of transferring credits. Students sign up for the school in hopes of transferring two years of credits to a larger university. They are then dismayed to find that their four-year college of choice will not accept any of their credits. Even if they get into a new college, they will have wasted time and money on those old courses.

If these sorts of things have happened to you, then a good lawyer can help protect your rights. School fraud is becoming a bigger problem both in the Tucson area and around the country. The attorneys at Zinda Law Group can help you fight for your rights when you’re a victim.