Information Releases from an Insurance Company?

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Following an accident, you will likely be inundated with forms and questions to answer. The other party’s insurance company will send you multiple forms to fill out and sign. It can be overwhelming and confusing to determine which forms are required and which are optional.

It can be easy to fall into the trap of signing everything, especially in the interest of time. However, it is important to understand the meaning and consequences of signing two common forms: a medical release form and a property damage release form.

Medical Record Release

In the majority of cases, you will not want to sign a medical record release form. A medical record release form allows the insurance company access to all your medical history, even if it is unrelated to the injuries sustained in the accident. Every doctor’s visit and hospital stay will be available to them. The insurance company can then put this information in a database for other insurance companies to utilize.

The insurance company will attempt to use your medical history against you. They will try and attribute your past medical history to your current injuries or pain in an attempt to reduce your claim.

There will undoubtedly be some medical information that is necessary to provide to the insurance company. In that case, give them specific documents that they request instead of providing them unfettered access into your personal medical history.

Property Damage Release

This kind of release form is most commonly used after a car accident in which your vehicle was totaled. When the insurer determines that your car is totaled, you will receive a check and a property damage release. By either cashing the check or signing this release form, you are agreeing that the insurer does not owe you anything else from the accident with regard to your property.

After this is signed, you are barred from asking for more money or replacement property from the insurer. Because of this, it is important to ensure that you are comfortable with the amount of money they send you. If you don’t believe the amount is fair, don’t cash the check or sign anything.

You will also want to ensure that you are not releasing the insurer from your personal injury claims. Before signing the release, make sure there is a clear indication that you are only releasing the insurer from property liability.

Understand Your Rights Before Signing

It is always good practice to understand what exactly each document is before signing it. If you are not sure what the document means or what the consequences of signing are not, you should ask the insurer additional questions or contact a personal injury lawyer who can explain all your legal rights and guide you through the process.

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