Types Of Car Accidents

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Car accidents can happen to anyone, even those who drive carefully and follow traffic laws. Understanding the types of car accidents can help understand who is liable for damages incurred in these kinds of incidents.

Based on the type of car accident, an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer can help determine how much the claim might be worth. In order to receive the appropriate car accident legal advice, knowing the type of car accident you were involved in can help.

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Auto accident law

Auto accidents fall under personal injury claims. A personal injury claim can be brought if you were injured as a result of someone else’s actions. Each state will have different laws pertaining to auto accidents, so it will be most beneficial to you to locate a local motor vehicle accident lawyer near you who can help you determine what your next course of action should be.

Different types of car accidents can cause distinct injuries based on the type of crash. Certain car crashes can also lead to general assumptions about who may be at fault. These may be accurate or inaccurate. Depending on the type of accident, type of driver, and type of vehicle, a car accident attorney will be able to better determine who is really to blame and how much recovery is possible.

Car crash statistics

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute (IIHS), there were 33,244 fatal motor vehicle crashes in the United States in 2019. States experienced varying rates of certain types of car crashes. This may be due to the difference in the types of vehicle that are popular for a particular terrain or weather. Other factors for the differences between states include the fact that each state has differing kinds of popular and mass transportation methods, such as walking, public transportation, or bicycling.

For example, in 2019, Alaska had a higher percentage of deaths involving SUVs and pickups. Hawaii and the District of Columbia had higher percentages of pedestrian deaths. Delaware, Florida, and New York had the highest percentages of deaths involving bicyclists. Texas and California had the highest numbers of deaths involving large truck occupants.

Common types of car accidents

Many factors can contribute to the type of car accident that ultimately occurs. These factors include the type of vehicle driven and the person driving the vehicle. If the person driving the vehicle was distracted, then rear-end collisions are more common. A driver who runs a red light is more likely to cause a T-bone collision.

Rear-end Collisions

Rear-end accidents are one of the most common types of accidents. These accidents occur when the driver of one car strikes the back or rear-end of another car in front of them. These types of accidents can occur if the driver was tailgating (following close behind) or was distracted.

Rear-end accidents often occur at lower speeds such as at an intersection, so they may be less damaging. However, if the driver was speeding or if another driver cut in front of the other person and caused themselves to be rear-ended in an area of fast travel, then damages can be more severe.

Side-swipe Accidents

A side-swipe accident occurs when one car swipes alongside another. This can be caused by an improper lane change or if a driver is distracted and strays from their lane. These types of accidents may also happen if one vehicle fails to yield to another at an intersection.

Head-on Collisions

Head-on collisions may be one of the most dangerous types of car accidents. These occur when there is nothing to stop or slow down one car from hitting another car directly. These may occur on one-way streets or if a driver runs into an oncoming car, truck, motorcycle, or bicyclist without seeing them.


A rollover can occur if a car is going too fast at the moment of impact and the vehicle is thrown onto its side and continues its motion and rolls over. A vehicle may roll over multiple times before it comes to a stop. These types of accidents are often fatal, especially if the car rolls more than once and lands on its roof.

T-bone Crash

A T-bone crash is one that occurs when the side of one vehicle is hit by the front end of another vehicle, creating a T-shaped collision. These impacts mostly occur at intersections if a driver fails to yield or stop at a sign or signal.

Multi-vehicle Pileup

A multi-vehicle pileup involves more than two cars. These types of accidents can occur when large trucks crash and strike multiple other vehicles; the resulting damage is usually more extensive because of the size and weight of the truck. Multi-vehicle accidents are also common in areas that receive very low temperatures as ice can cause sliding that is hard to stop, causing a vehicle to slide into another, creating a domino effect.

Types of drivers and insurance policies

Many accidents are caused by drivers who are inexperienced. Teen drivers are more likely to be in an accident and are more easily distracted by a cell phone. Alternatively, accidents caused by elderly drivers may occur because they no longer have the skills necessary to drive safely. These include alertness and reaction times as well as accurate vision.

Car insurance is required in every state to operate a vehicle. The amount of insurance required varies by state. However, some drivers may choose to disobey the law and drive either without insurance or without the appropriate amount. Hit and run accidents are more likely to occur if the driver who caused the accident did not have any insurance.

Common injuries in car accidents

Car collisions can lead to a variety of injuries that will range from minor to severe and may even be fatal. The type of car crash can cause certain injuries to the body. For example, a rear-end car crash is likely to cause whiplash. Failure to use a seatbelt or misfunction of airbags can also cause more devastating injuries.

Injuries to the Head and Neck

An impact may cause a victim’s head to strike the steering wheel, windshield, or side window. These injuries can cause concussions, bruising, and possibly brain damage.

Whiplash occurs when the head is thrown forward then backwards very fast. This can cause damage to the neck muscles or upper back, and may also injure the brain.

Injuries to the Torso

Injuries to the torso can cause internal bleeding and damage to vital organs. These may occur even if the victim is wearing a seatbelt, as the sudden impact may injure them when the seatbelt does its job to restrain them. Spinal cord injuries are also possible in a high-impact car accident and can be extremely dangerous.

Injuries to Limbs

A sudden impact may injure the legs since they are confined underneath the dashboard. Injuries could include broken bones and injured joints. Cuts and bruises can occur if objects inside the vehicle are thrown about during impact.

How much is recoverable in a car accident?

Each car accident will be different, and the injuries suffered by victims will vary. There is no average claim amount in personal injury cases. Based on the type of harm suffered, you may be able to recover money spent or lost for:

  • Medical bills
  • Surgery expenses
  • Prescription medications
  • Physical therapy
  • Ongoing or follow-up treatment
  • Lost wages
  • In-home care
  • Medical devices such as wheelchairs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) management
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

What to do after a car accident

Even if a car accident is minor, be sure to take the situation seriously to prevent any further damages. Acting quickly in an emergency situation is critical and could help you address injuries and property damage.

Report the Accident

Be sure to report the accident to the police or call 911 to report any serious injuries. Some states require you to report the accident to local authorities. Failing to report the accident could have legal consequences as well as diminish your claim for damages.

Gather Evidence

If you are not too injured to do so, take pictures or videos of the scene of the accident. Speak with the other driver and collect their name, number, and insurance information. If they are not willing to talk to you, you should have the police collect this information from them instead. Get the contact information of witnesses if there are any present.

Consider Hiring a Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer may be beneficial if you believe that the car accident was caused by the other driver. Having a car crash lawyer on your side will make handling the claim easier. A lawyer will be able to speak with the other driver’s insurance and negotiate a settlement agreement on your behalf.

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