Personal Injury Lawyers in Tyler, Texas

Last updated on: May 4, 2017


Personal injuries can range in both severity and type. Some accidents result in minor injuries while others result in catastrophic and sometimes even fatal injuries. No matter if your case is big or small, if your accident was caused by someone’s negligence then you could be entitled to compensation. Call 800-863-5312 today discuss the matter with our Tyler personal injury lawyers. We offer 100% free legal consultations and can help you understand your rights and options.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Tyler, Texas

How Our Tyler Accident Attorneys Can Help

Our Tyler personal injury lawyers will be an advocate in your corner and stand up for your rights. Our attorneys will investigate your accident, negotiate with insurance companies, file paperwork, fight for you in court, and more. We will handle the entire legal process for you so you can focus on what is most important – your recovery.

Personal Injury Practice Areas

Our Tyler personal injury attorneys focus on a variety of personal injury practice areas, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Car Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Semi-Truck or Tractor Trailer Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Dog Bites or Dog Attacks
  • Slip and Falls
  • Boating Accidents
  • Swimming Pool Accidents
  • Product Liability
  • Wrongful Death Lawsuits
  • And More

The Tyler personal injury attorneys of Zinda Law Group understand that every situation will be different. Therefore, our firm does not limit the scope of its personal injury practice, and you may have suffered injuries from an accident type not listed above. Because accidents and injuries can be unique, it is crucial that you discuss your situation with an attorney to learn your legal options if you believe someone else is responsible for your accident.

Establishing Negligence

To prove that someone else is responsible for your personal injuries, you must establish that the other person or party was negligent and therefore at fault. It is not always easy to establish negligence, and it takes a highly skilled Tyler accident attorney to help connect the dots and prove causation. Our attorneys thoroughly investigate every client’s situation, leaving no stones unturned. This is the type of dedication you need and deserve in an attorney who is advocating for your rights and interests.

Contact Zinda Law Group Today

If you or a loved one suffered injuries from an accident, you should consider speaking with a Tyler personal injury lawyer. At Zinda Law Group, our legal team strives to ensure our clients are satisfied with the legal representation and care they have received. In fact, if we don’t win your case, you don’t have to pay us a dime. That’s our no fee guarantee.

Call 800-863-5312 to speak with one of our Tyler personal injury lawyers and schedule your free consultation today. We look forward to helping you.