University Sued After Student’s Suicide

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A young man who killed himself in 2008 is now the center of a wrongful death lawsuit and the university he was attending has been named as the primary defendant in the case of 20-year-old N.C. Four years ago, the victim’s roommate called campus police to report his concerns about N.C. He claimed that his roommate was going to kill himself using helium. When campus police arrived at the dorm room they did find a tank of helium, but after speaking with the student they determined that he was not suicidal. Shortly after the police left his room, the victim placed a plastic bag over his head filled with helium and died of asphyxiation.

His parents have since filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the school for failing to protect their son against himself. They argue that the campus officers should have taken better measures to determine whether their son was indeed suicidal before leaving him alone. Do you have questions about what constitutes a wrongful death in the state of Texas? If so, contact Zinda Law Group today to receive immediate answers from a knowledgeable Dallas personal injury lawyer from our team.