Vehicle Hit After Pulling Over to the Side of Road

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Tragedy struck in Dallas, Texas last week when two little girls were killed in a car accident. Several more were injured when a vehicle struck another one that had run out of gas on a busy highway. According to the police report, a vehicle carrying seven people pulled off to the side of the road after running out of fuel. A phone call was made to a relative who was on his way to deliver some gas. While the people were waiting, an SUV struck the vehicle from behind.

News sources say that the two victims died on the scene – 4-year-old T.B. and 2-year-old N.B. Five people from the stranded vehicle were brought to area hospitals with minor to serious injuries. At this time, it is uncertain why the SUV struck the smaller car. No charges have been brought against the driver of the SUV. However, an investigation is ongoing by local law enforcement. Were you injured during a car accident that caused you to suffer physically, emotionally, and financially? If so, contact Zinda Law Group now to enlist the help of a Dallas personal injury attorney from our office.