Construction Accident Lawyers in Waco, Texas

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Statistics indicate that the construction industry is responsible for over 22 percent of all work related fatalities. However, only around 8 percent of the work force in the U.S. is involved with any type of construction work. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety, the fatalities regularly experienced by construction workers is a the highest level for any industry.

There are basically four different categories of hazard recognized by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) that account for around 90 percent of all construction related injuries and fatalities.


Construction work often involves working on tall building structures, scaffolding and roofs. Therefore, these workers are particularly susceptible to serious injuries due to falling. Around 33 percent of the major accidents designated by OSHA involve falls. Working at a height that is over 4 feet is considered a risk for workers. This is why OSHA requires that protection is provided for heights at 6 feet or more, as well as anytime work is performed above dangerous machinery or equipment, regardless of height.

When lack of protection such as safety nets and guardrails exist and a worker falls, a cause of action may be filed in the court system against a negligent employer or party by an injured worker.

Struck By Hazards

OSHA defines struck by hazards to include vehicle and flying or falling object accidents. These comprise around 22 percent of the main construction accidents experienced. Approximately 75 percent of these potentially fatal mishaps involve trucks, cranes, backhoes and other heavy equipment. Workers are also at risk when working under scaffolding, cranes or near power tools. For instance, wall construction is particularly dangerous due to the extremely heavy loads and resultant structure instability while performing building tasks.


Electrocution accounts for approximately 17 percent of all construction injuries. These mishaps generally occur when workers accidentally ground live wires, either due to equipment failure, electrical cords and wires that are worn, or electrical current that was not properly turned off.

When protection systems providing safe paths for grounding electricity are not in place, workers could have the right to file a lawsuit due to negligence, in addition to filing a worker’s compensation claim.

Caught Between Hazards

These hazards involve any activity that could suffocate, crush or amputate a victim and comprise around 18 percent of all construction injuries. This may include saw and small machinery accidents, trench cave-ins or becoming caught in between any type of equipment.

When adequate job site inspections were not performed, there could be cause to file a lawsuit against negligent parties.

As construction accidents are very frequently quite serious, workers compensation claims often do not adequately cover expenses. For example, it may be necessary to file a personal injury lawsuit in order to pay for medical care, loss of income and other expenses.

Therefore, it is recommended that anyone suffering from a construction related injury seek the legal counsel of Zinda Law Group in Waco as soon as possible, to ensure that they receive the medical care, benefits, compensation and damages they are entitled to.