Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers in Waco


An injury to the spinal cord can cause devastating physical damage. In addition, the impact of this kind of damage on the ability to work and live can lead to extreme emotional distress for the individual and his or her family. Almost 11,000 spinal cord injuries happen annually. Many of these cases are caused by car accidents, slips and falls, industrial accidents and sports injuries. These types of traumas cause damage to the cells inside the spinal cord. They can also sever the nerve area that relays signals within the cord itself. A victim of spinal cord injury can become paralyzed extensively. When this happens, the victim and the family should search for a competent attorney who can recover compensation for the physical and emotional damages. Many attorneys will offer a free consultation to explore the legal options for the victim to cover all of the costs associated with spinal cord damage.

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries fall into two categories: complete and incomplete injury. A complete spinal cord injury covers a loss of feeling and motor ability. Bruising, blood loss or pressure on the spinal cord causes a complete loss of sensation and mobility below the site of the damage. Occasionally, a severed cord will cause this type of damage. However, this is rare.

An incomplete spinal cord injury causes some loss of movement and feeling below the damaged site. This type of impairment can be categorized three ways. Anterior cord syndrome comes from harm to the motor and sensory areas in the anterior area of the spinal cord. This causes loss of movement and feeling. Central cord syndrome results from damage to the cervical region of the spinal cord. This can lead to difficulties control bodily movement. The third category is Brown-Sequard syndrome. This comes from injury to the left or right side of the spinal cord. One side of the body will experience loss of movement and sensation, while the other side will experience loss of temperature and the ability to sense pain.

Why Hire an Attorney?

An attorney with experience in spinal cord injury will have extensive knowledge of the laws. An innocent victim is unfamiliar with what he or she may legally claim. In addition, an experienced attorney will have the ability to negotiate fair compensation with the insurance company. Many insurance companies will offer the least settlement possible first. However, an attorney can negotiate for a higher amount based on the laws of the state. Lastly, a lawyer will provide fair representation to a victim if the case goes to court.