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There are any number of features which may encourage an individual to choose to stay at one hotel over another when traveling. Perhaps one hotel has a great rate or a fantastic view of the city. Or perhaps the hotel is known for its restaurant or customer service. Those who travel with families may be particularly attracted to a hotel because of a pool located on the premises. After a long day of travel, parents of children may be especially eager to let their kids burn off excess energy by swimming while the parents themselves take a nap.


But the serene waters of the hotel pool are hidden dangers. Children left unattended or unsupervised at a pool are unaware of how to determine whether it is safe to swim. A child can quickly drown and suffer irreparable brain damage or death in a matter of minutes. If this happens, the hotel will likely attempt to limit its liability and avoid paying compensation for your loved one’s losses and/or injuries. In such a case, the right legal representation can make all the difference.


What Can Happen in a Hotel Pool?


One might think that because they are spending over $100 per night (oftentimes much more) that the hotel’s facilities and amenities – including the pool – are safe for guests to use. Sadly, this is not always the case. There are any number of conditions that can make a hotel pool unsafe:


  • A pool may be improperly maintained and thus has a faulty drain or other hazard that can hold a child underwater;
  • A pool maintenance worker may have used the wrong chemicals or too many chemicals in treating the pool, resulting in serious chemical burns for those who use the pool;
  • A lifeguard who is supposed to watch over the pool and enforce the hotel’s policies may be distracted or lax about his or her duties;
  • A fence or gate meant to keep young children from entering the pool by themselves may be improperly maintained or left open, allowing children to easily access the pool; and
  • Other patrons’ children may be unsupervised and be engaged in roughhousing, causing injury to your own children.


Hotel chains typically retain the services of experienced defense attorneys who focus on defending the hotel against claims for compensation. This can result in injury victims feeling intimidated and afraid to seek compensation in court. Injury victims and their families may instead opt to agree to a settlement figure that barely compensates the family for its losses.


Should I Sue the Hotel for My or My Child’s Injuries?


Depending on the facts and circumstances of your case, you may be entitled to bring a lawsuit against the hotel and seek compensation for the injuries you or your loved one sustained. You can expect the hotel to deny liability and argue in court that you were responsible for your injuries. You would like to think that juries would be sympathetic to the plight of families whose vacations are cut short by tragedies at a hotel. Unfortunately, there are numerous news stories of families who suffered injuries at a hotel pool and who brought a lawsuit against the hotel only to find that the jury found in favor of the hotel.


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