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            Cities or other public entities may provide and maintain pools for the benefit of their citizens. This can be a welcome relief to residents of the city or town, especially if a family is in need of an inexpensive summer diversion for their children. Families may mistakenly assume that because the pool is operated by a public agency or entity that the pool would be safer than a pool owned and operated by a private company or person. While it is true that publicly-owned pools are subject to federal laws regarding construction and safety, this alone does not make these public pools any safer than private pools. In fact, because of many cities’ increasing population there are more people than ever wanting to use public pools, there is a corresponding increase in the risk of a drowning or near-drowning occurring at a public or city pool.

            Because of the unique nature of public or city pool accidents, retaining the services of an experienced and knowledgeable attorney who has handled these types of cases before can dramatically increase your lawsuit’s chances of success. Contact Zinda Law Group today to discuss your case.

Why Do I Need an Attorney For My Public or City Pool Accident Case?

             No law mandates that you have an attorney represent you after you or a loved one have been injured at a public or city pool. However, if you choose to represent yourself you will most likely be held to the same standards to which an attorney would be held. This means you would need to file appropriate pleadings and responses, conduct discovery according to the rules applicable in your jurisdiction, and be able to introduce evidence and testimony according at a trial. What makes lawsuits against public entities even more complicated – and what makes having experienced legal counsel represent you such a good idea – includes:

  • In most cases you must provide appropriate notice to the city or public agency that you have been injured and allow that entity a chance to either agree to settle your case or deny your claim. Failure to follow these rules can mean that you are forever barred from bringing a lawsuit against the city or public entity for your injuries;
  • Determining whether a city or public entity was negligent will often require an analysis of applicable local, state, and federal laws. Most injury victims do not have the time or training to locate, digest, and apply these laws to their cases;
  • Attorneys that represent cities and public agencies can be very aggressive in defending their clients. They will exploit your mistakes and ignorance so that their client does not need to may a single cent more than they must on your claim;
  • Even if the pool is owned or maintained by a public entity, there may still be other private parties liable for your injuries (another swimmer, a lifeguard, etc.). Identifying these individuals so that they can also be sued requires experience in investigating these types of incidents.

How Zinda Law Group Can Help

             Rather than attempt to handle your city or public pool accident alone, rely on the services of Zinda Law Group to help you obtain compensation for your injuries. We have investigated numerous pool accident cases, including accidents that occurred at a publicly-owned pool. We can help you file suit against all responsible parties regardless of whether they are public or private entities. We will ensure your claim is properly filed and all applicable procedural rules are followed in your case. Do not gamble with something as important as your claim for compensation. Call Zinda Law Group today at (800) 863-5312 to discuss your case with one of our seasoned personal injury attorneys.