What is Personal Injury Protection (PIP)?


Personal Injury Protection (PIP) allows individuals involved in a motor vehicle accident, motorcycle accident, or truck accident a way to immediately pay for medical bills they’ve incurred, as well as up to 80% of all lost wages.

One of the biggest advantages of having Personal Injury Protection is that the insured is entitled to PIP funds regardless of fault. This means that regardless of whether the insured or a third-party was at fault for the collision, PIP funds will be available for those with coverage. Furthermore, the money received from PIP is not taken into consideration when settling a claim with an opposing insurance company, and does not have to be reimbursed upon a settlement agreement. Basically, PIP allows for what is called a double recovery.

In Texas, Personal Injury Protection coverage is automatic through an insurance agent unless specifically opted out of. Additionally, it’s important to note that you can collect PIP funds prior to payment for any other damages under an insurance policy. Therefore, contact the insurance company right away regarding filing losses under PIP after any car accident, bike accident, or truck accident.

Moreover, if you or someone you know has been involved in a motor vehicle accident, please contact a Dallas or Plano Personal Injury attorney at Zinda Law Group who can further assist you regarding your legal rights and options.