What is UIM Coverage?


Oftentimes clients that have been injured in a car crash are unable to be made whole after recovering the maximum amount allowable under the responsible party’s insurance coverage. Furthermore, even though Texas law requires that vehicles be insured, the fact is that many drivers throughout the state are driving without insurance. So, how can you protect yourself in the event that the responsible party is either uninsured or underinsured?

Quite simply, there’s an easy way to protect yourself and your family from situations where drivers are underinsured or uninsured by purchasing UIM coverage on your automobile insurance policy.

Still not convinced that you need UIM coverage? For instance, let’s say that someone hit your vehicle and doesn’t have insurance. As a result, you were injured and incurred medical bills. Because the other party didn’t have insurance, it’s likely that your only route to recovery for those bills would be through your own insurance company, but that’s only if you have UIM coverage.

Additionally, what happens if there isn’t enough coverage available through the third-party’s insurance company? This can occur if there were many vehicles in one wreck, and oftentimes if the injuries were more severe. While you may be able to collect some money from the opposing party’s insurance company, their coverage may be capped at a certain limit that doesn’t fully compensate you. In that instance, UIM coverage would allow you to go through your own insurance company in an attempt to collect the remaining amounts necessary to satisfy your potential claim after going through the third party’s insurance.

If you have any questions about UIM coverage after being involved in a car accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident, please call an experienced Austin personal injury lawyer that will aggressively fight for your legal rights.