Where Do I Get A Lawyer If I Was Injured In Another State?


If you were injured while outside of your state of residence, it may arise questions as to where you should seek legal counsel. Do you get a personal injury attorney near your home? Do you get an injury lawyer in the state in which the accident occurred?

For the best outcome for your case, it is recommended to seek an personal injury attorney located in the state or region where the accident took place. The main reason is because then you will have an accident attorney licensed in the state where the case will go to court. This means the injury attorney will have an in-depth knowledge of the state’s laws and better understand the environment surrounding your case. Additionally, choosing a personal injury attorney in the state of the accident can also help your case by being able to utilize the accident lawyer’s personal connections. An injury attorney in the state of the accident may know judges or other key players which can set the tone for your case.

If you did prefer to seek legal counsel in your state of residence, it can be more difficult but not impossible. If your home state attorney is licensed in the state in which the accident occurred, then they can represent your case without any additional steps being taken. However, if you choose a local personal injury attorney without a license in the accident state, they must apply for a temporary license with that state. When an injury attorney petitions a foreign court for a temporary license, it is called “pro hac vice.” This will grant them permissions to litigate on that particular case even though they are not licensed within the state. Usually, state law will require an attorney operating on a pro hac vice basis to seek co-counsel with a firm located and licensed within the state.

Cases will typically go to court within the state where they occurred. So for example, if your accident was in Colorado, your case would go to court in Colorado. If your accident was in Texas, your case would be heard before a Texas court. There are some exceptions to this. Your case could go to a federal court system instead (if you meet certain requirements) although typically this federal court will still be in the state of the accident – only operating under federal laws. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a personal injury attorney within the state of the accident, since the case will be held before that state’s court system.

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