Will the car insurance company pay for my medical treatment as I need it?

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After experiencing an injury in a motor vehicle wreck, oftentimes before the pain is even gone individuals are receiving bills from different medical providers. Unfortunately, however, the responsible car insurance company will only settle with you for your injuries once. This means that injured individuals won’t be able to receive a check from the responsible party for their medical bills as they are incurred.

Instead, an injured person should wait until they have either finished their medical treatment or have a legitimate idea of what their medical future looks like before they settle with the insurance company. However, in addition to using health insurance, an injured individual may be able to use their own car insurance to assist with medical payments after a crash. Using Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits under your insurance coverage may provide individuals with a way to pay portions of their medical bills as they come up before settling with the responsible party. Additionally, the responsible party would not get a credit for what you’ve already received in PIP payments.

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