Woman Recovering After Being Mauled by Pit Bull


An 83 year old woman, Glynda Husley, and her two dogs were mauled by a pit bull mix in Tyler, Texas. The owner of the pit bull is unknown, and authorities believe that it may have belonged to part of an illegal dog fighting ring.

Husley and her dogs were walking to the mailbox when the pit bull attacked them. The dog followed Husely back to her house, where her husband shot the dog. Husley had to have over 50 stitches and is confined to a wheelchair for the time being. Her dogs are reportedly doing well.

Dog fighting is not unusual in Smith County and animal control authorities regularly search for and catch pit bulls and pit bull mixes.

A dog bite or dog attack can result in serious wounds and infections. The owner of the dog is liable for the actions of the dog, especially if it has attacked or bitten another animal or human before.

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