How Much Is a Dog Attack Wrongful Death Case Worth?

Last updated on: April 25, 2022

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While many people love dogs, the unfortunate reality is that many of them, even those that are well-trained, can attack without warning.

Sometimes, those attacks are provoked, while other times the individual who’s been attacked is taken totally by surprise. The worst of those dog attacks may even result in the death of the victim.

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How to Calculate the Value of Your Case

A variety of factors can contribute to a victim’s death:

  • The lack of an able-bodied adult to stop the attack;
  • The victim’s relationship to the dog;
  • The victim’s age or physical condition;
  • The dog’s familiarity with people, including the victim; and
  • A history of abuse at the hands of the owner.

There is no set value in determining the value of a wrongful death claim due to a dog attack. Like any insurance claim resulting from a wrongful death, the eventual compensation depends on a variety of factors that aren’t easily known before, and vary greatly from case to case.

Determining the value of any wrongful death claim is much different than valuing a personal injury claim. The total award depends on the types of damages to the decedent, including medical bills, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and funeral expenses–and those to surviving family members, including household contributions, loss of companionship and emotional support, and pain and suffering.

Pain and Suffering

The largest variable in determining the award is likely determined by the pain and suffering suffered by the victim prior to death and then by the deceased’s family members after their loved one passed away. This amount is largely based on a subjective determination of how much the suffering was worth.

It’s important that you document the pain and suffering of the victim in the case that their death occurs sometime after the dog attack. Documentation will give you a basis for proving how much their suffering was worth. In addition to documenting the victim’s pain, it’s very important that you also document the many ways in which you and other surviving loved ones have suffered after the attack.

Our Dog Attack Wrongful Death Lawyers Can Help

Dealing with an insurance company after a dog bite claim is difficult. Ultimately, the compensation you are awarded, or the settlement you agree to, will largely be determined by the above listed factors and the vicious nature of the attack.

If you’re dealing with the tragedy and emotional toll of losing a loved one to a dog attack, our nationwide wrongful death attorneys may be able to assist you in handling your wrongful death claim and pursuing every penny you deserve.

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