Young Victim Emerges from Coma after Suffering Head Injury


A young man has emerged from a coma and is slowly recovering at a Dallas, Texas hospital. The victim was involved in a two vehicle accident at the end of March and suffered massive head injuries. The police report shows that the victim, 26-year-old J.A.G., was riding his scooter going eastbound when he struck a vehicle attempting to make a left turn. He was immediately brought to a local hospital but then flown by medical helicopter to a larger trauma center. While the young man was in a coma for several hours, he has emerged and is slowly recovering.

According to a recent blog post written by his girlfriend, a CT scan shows slow improvements in his head injury. At this time, police have not cited or charged anyone for causing the accident. It is still under investigation by the Abilene Police Department. Have you recently sustained a serious head injury or another type of catastrophic injury? If so, contact Zinda Law Group today to set up a time to have your case evaluated by a knowledgeable Dallas personal injury attorney that can inform you of your legal options as a victim.