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Skiing and snowboarding are some of the most popular wintertime activities in mountain towns across the United States. This is for good reason—skiing and snowboarding give families time to get out in the open air and speed down mountains in beautiful locations, all while getting a great workout. However, for some, a day on the slopes can end in tragedy. Many accidents will result in slight bumps and bruises, but some can result in far worse injuries.

Injuries requiring a hospital visit can leave you and your family in a very stressful situation, whether it’s physically, emotionally, or financially. Luckily, though, you don’t need to go through this stressful experience alone. The accident attorneys at Zinda Law Group can provide legal help for all sorts of ski collision or ski resort accidents and are standing by to help guide you through.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a ski or snowboarding accident, contact Zinda Law Group at (800) 863-5312 for a free consultation with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys. As our client, you will not owe us anything unless we win your case.

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As mentioned before, skiing and snowboarding are very popular winter activities. In fact, researchers at Johns Hopkins University concluded that around 10,000,000 people participate each year. However, the dark side of our love for the snow is that around 600,000 injuries are reported annually.

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The accidents that cause these injuries can be divided into a few categories. First, accidents between a skier and another skier or snowboarder is perhaps the most common. In addition, skiers and snowboarders, especially those who are inexperienced, run the risk of colliding with a tree or lift pole.

Sometimes, accidents can be the result of the resort itself, however. If you rented your equipment and it fails on you due to some malfunction or defect that should have been corrected, the resort may be liable for your injuries. Similarly, your accident could have been caused by a faulty chairlift or poor teaching from an instructor.

Chairlift Injuries

The lifts and machinery used at ski slopes are usually safe when properly managed and maintained. However, this is not always the case. Some people suffer injuries when lifts malfunction, when someone uses the lift improperly, or when the victim’s injuries are caused by contact with other machinery. Resorts should only hire trained professionals to operate machinery and should routinely check it for defects. If you’ve been injured in an accident that involved ski lifts or machinery, call our ski accident attorneys to learn more.

Ski vs. Snowboard Accidents: Which Injuries Happen More Often?

According to the National Ski Areas Association, snowboarders are 50-70% more likely to get injured on the slopes but are about 30% less likely to be killed compared to skiers. Additionally, most skiing deaths occur after collisions with fixed objects where someone is moving at a very high rate of speed. Snowboarders also suffer more wrist, shoulder, and ankle injuries.

Common Ski Accident Injuries

In the same way, there are a few injuries that accident victims Knee injuries are very common. In addition, because skiers will often put out their arms in an attempt to break their fall, shoulder injuries, like dislocations or fractures, are very common as well. Snowboarding and skiing accidents also result in a fair amount of head and brain injuries. Collisions with another skier or object, as well as contact with the ground in a fall, can deal substantial blows to the head and lead to concussions or other types of traumatic brain injuries.

Ski & Snowboard Injury Lawyers | Zinda Law Group

What Should I do After a Snowboarding or Skiing Accident?

While skiing and snowboarding are meant to be fun pastimes, accidents happen. A snowboarding or skiing accident can be very traumatic and leave you wondering what to do next. To keep yourself safe and safeguard your potential claim, it is important to follow a few key steps:

1. Seek Medical Attention

After snowboarding or skiing accidents, ski patrol will likely be on hand to triage the situation and offer assistance. Still, you should seek medical attention immediately after a snowboarding or skiing accident. Even if you don’t think you’ve been hurt, certain injuries may not appear until later, and talking to a doctor can help mitigate any issues. Also, seeking medical attention quickly may help prevent another party from proving that injuries aren’t severe or related to the accident.

2. Document the Snowboarding or Skiing Accident

After any sort of accident, it’s important to gather as much information as possible. You’re probably wondering how to gather this information, which must be done quickly in order to keep a proper record of the accident

  • Write down the location of the accident.
  • Take as many pictures as possible of the location, any injuries, and your surroundings. Be sure to document any important signs as well.
  • Get the contact information and address of the person or people involved in the crash with you.
  • Flag down any witnesses and obtain their personal contact information, as you may need their statements later on.

As you’ve probably heard before, a picture is worth 1,000 words, especially after a ski or snowboarding accident. Any evidence you obtain could help immensely in a claim for damages, so remember to document the scene thoroughly.

3. Contact a Team of Ski & Snowboard Injury Lawyers at a Personal Injury Law Firm

When it comes to seeking compensation for your injuries, the legal process can be rather complex and somewhat terrifying. Having an experienced ski accident lawyer on your side may mean the difference between receiving enough money to get you and your family through a difficult time and receiving nothing.

“Skiers that have been involved in an accident on the slopes should call us because, one, they’re hurt, and two, they usually have no idea where to start,” said Joe Caputo, partner and ski accident lawyer at Zinda Law Group. “Not only do you need to investigate how this happened, who’s responsible, and make sure that that’s dotted and crossed, but we also have to do some digging to find out if the person who hurt you has the right type of insurance that’s going to provide the right type of coverage.”

Speaking with an experienced attorney at a personal injury law firm soon after your accident makes it easier to pursue maximum compensation and see meaningful results.

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Ski Laws

The exact laws that will govern your case differ from state to state. Below is a summary of some of the similarities and differences between a few different jurisdictions.

Who is at fault in snowboarding or skiing accidents?

Generally, skiers and snowboarders have a duty to stay in control and avoid other people or objects. In fact, people ahead of you have the right of way, so they must be avoided. Given the duty of care every skier assumes when out on the slopes, an injured person may pursue a claim against individual skier rather than the resort itself.

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While there aren’t many ski mountains in Texas, Texans love to travel throughout the United States to find some of the best skiing available. We’ve represented many Texans dealing with ski accidents that occurred out of state.

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A lot of the applicable law in the state of Colorado comes from the Ski Safety Act (SSA), which was passed in 1979. One of the things that the SSA did was to establish that skiing is an inherently dangerous sport, and that skiers assumer some of those risks of skiing accidents. However, this does not mean that you have signed away all of your rights when you strap on your boots. Negligent ski area operators can still be held liable for injuries if they negligently caused them. Colorado skiing law also establishes that skiers must ski within their ability and pay attention to those around them. Uphill skiers owe a particular duty to downhill skiers as well because they have a better line of vision.

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New Mexico

The law in New Mexico is similar to the law in Colorado. They even have a similarly titled law—the New Mexico Ski Safety Act. This law imposes similar duties on the individual skiers, and also establishes the requirements that operators carry insurance and warn visitors of certain risks and dangers when it comes to skiing accidents.

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People from outside of the Grand Canyon State may assume that it is entirely desert, but Arizona is actually home to a few different ski areas. The relevant statute in the state states that skier accept the risk of changing snow conditions, which could be important in a warmer state where snow melts more quickly. However, it also outlines similar duties for skiers to watch out for other skiers and for resort owners to maintain their facilities in a safe and responsible way.

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For skiers in California, it is important to understand that it is against the law to enter closed areas—skiers must stay on marked slopes. In addition, California imposes a requirement similar to automobile accidents in which it is against the law for a skier to leave the scene of an accident that they were involved in.


Wisconsin’s law sets forth the general requirements that skiers pay attention to those around them and follow all of the posted signage. However, interestingly, Wisconsin included a special provision in their law that ski patrol members are immune from liability unless they were acting recklessly or intentionally.


Michigan’s Ski Safety Act is actually the oldest of its kind in the country. It establishes that skiers and ski area operators both have certain duties to fulfill, and that skiing activity is subject to the oversight of a ski safety board.

New York

It is important for skiers in New York to understand that the applicable law mandates that they read the “Warning to Skiers” section on their tickets. In addition, skiers need to make careful decisions, taking into account their level of expertise as to how they should ski and on what slopes.

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In a situation where another skier ran into you, the case will likely come down to whether that skier can be held liable for your injuries. Skiers owe a duty of care to other people on the slopes, and as mentioned before, uphill skiers owe a particular duty to downhill skiers. If the skier who collided into you was skiing negligently, whether it be out of control or above their skill level, they may be liable for your injuries. Interestingly, injuries resulting from injuries on the slopes are often covered by homeowner’s insurance policies.

What is the Cause of Action in a Ski Accident Case?

Negligence is the most common cause of action in personal injury cases, including skier injury cases. Individuals must exercise reasonable care in their actions to ensure no harm. For example, the law imposes a duty to exercise caution when driving a roadway motor vehicle or a snowmobile. In the skiing context, the meaning of “reasonable care” is largely defined by the Ski Safety Act. Showing that another party is liable for negligence requires proving:

1. A legal duty was owed by the defendant to the plaintiff.

2. The defendant breached that duty.

3. The plaintiff suffered an injury.

4. The plaintiff’s injury was caused by the defendant’s breach.

Suing the Ski Resort

Ski resorts, though they are excused from some liability by statute, can still be liable for injuries in certain cases. For example, if they negligently failed to mark dangerous spots or if they rented you faulty ski equipment without bothering to check to make sure that it was safe, then it is possible that they could be held liable. These sorts of cases can be difficult due to the fact that skiers assume certain risks of skiing, but resorts are not immune from liability in the event of a skier injury.

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Filing a Claim

Typically, an injured ski accident victim would consult with an injury lawyer file a claim against the negligent party’s homeowner or renter insurance policy. The Ski Safety Act prescribes a statute of limitations for ski accidents, which  creates a time limit for a claim for compensation to be filed. In Colorado, the statute of limitations for ski accidents is two years. After this period, you cannot file a case seeking compensation. Once the two-year countdown begins (date of the snowboarder or skier injury), speak with an attorney as soon as possible so that they have plenty of time to preserve your claim and prepare your case.

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I was in a motor vehicle collision about two years ago. From the minute I picked up the phone to speak with a representative to the case finally settling, it was a great experience. I worked with Burgess Williams and his team (Kathy, Ryan, and Linda) throughout the process. They were all very professional and helpful when I needed them the most.
Great Firm. I was in motorcycle accident- T-boned at a full stop with my daughter riding on back. Zinda's team was instantly responsive. Christina was very compassionate, organized and scheduled time before every legal event to discuss goals and overview. The process was 2 years but during that time the lawyers and staff (John and Shane were also great) were always available and understanding. The team is focused on doing what is right and by the book. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone who is suffering from a motorcycle accident.
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Highly Recommended-100% Satisfied!.From the initial phone call I felt confident I chose the right firm. They explained the process and I was always in the loop, even when we were at a stand still. Very grateful I was quickly referred to them by a friend who had a similar case. Both of us are happy with the end result. Thank you!
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I would recommend them to anyone that's been involved in an accident and feels skeptical in engaging an attorney.When one gets into an accident, you're traumatized, confused, angry and helpless.That was me last year, getting all kinds of advice becomes your next norm, to use or not to use an attorney.I was in so much pain from my injuries but at the same time knew I had to act fast.I called Zinda Law Group for consultation, they took my case seriously and treated me with respect, they were very professional and understanding.Elizabeth, kudos to you, you're true to your word, Integrity should be your last name.Jason Aldridge my attorney went to work immediately, he assured me that all be well and I should concentrate on my healing and he will do the rest. Thank your Sir, You did just that.His team, Mara, Zuleyma and Andrew, they all become my support system, so professional and lots of respect in each and everyphone call or email. Thank you guys.I would recommend anyone to use Zinda Law Group.
I honestly loved not dealing with the hospital bills while I was recuperating. It gave me peace of mind going through this process and Zinda took care of everything. They found awesome health providers for me and haven't had to worry about anything while they've been taking my case. I've been well informed, communicated with, responded to and understood by Zinda. They have been efficient and effective while working on my case and I'm so glad I choose to go with this law firm.
When I was injured in a car accident in March of 2020 the insurance companies were not concerned with my well being. I called Zinda Law group & spoke with Reagan, who went over my concerns & later had Jono contact me. After reviewing my information with Jono my case was immediately put in motion. I worked mainly with Sam Thomas who truly was a blessing to me, he was very supportive & genuinely concerned with my well being, everything wasn't simply about the case it was about me being healed & getting the proper treatment that I needed. Sam was also emotionally supportive when I went through several losses in my family & is a great friend. In all everyone was extremely supportive & all worked for me which was quite a different legal experience for me from Law groups in my past. I was well supported, always informed, treated with respect & made the priority in all decisions. Zinda Law Group made sure I was compensated completely & that I didn't have financial stresses over hospital bills after all was said & done. Sam, Katrina, Mary Catherine, Reagan & Jono I just want to thank you & all of Zinda for the incredible experience & the wonderful caring people that you all are, you are truly Golden in your field.
They helped me after I got into car accident, they are such a great professional business. I would honestly recommend them to anyone that would need help after a car accident for sure, they kept me up to date with everything that was happening on with my case. I had multiple people working on my said case and they were very professional and nice whenever they had called me and kept it very simple for me to understand what was actually going on. I'm extremely happy that I had found them and went with them to help me and I'm so thankful for them. 10/10 would recommend!
Since the very first day I went in to talk to the my lawyer assigned to my case I felt very secure and knew I was in good hands, as I had never been in a situation like the one I found myself in they made me feel like they would actually do right by me. As the process was a bit long they did what they said they would and I am very pleased. I would definitely recommend Zinda to anyone in need of their services.
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“I’d like to thank everyone that helped me from day one. I appreciate the professionalism of the law group, from the receptionist and staff to my attorney, Cole Gumm, and his team. Heaven forbid anyone I know has a similar situation happen to them, but I wouldn’t hesitate to refer them to your law group. Thanks again and God bless.”
My experience with Zinda Law Group was better than expected. After an accident that totalled my car, I reached out and was paired with a wonderful attorney. She communicated frequently and responded to my calls and texts in a timely manner. She was friendly, knowledgeable, and answered all of my questions. I was kept in the loop during every step of the process. I would call Zinda Law if I ever need this type of support again.
I had an excellent experience working with the attorneys at Zinda Law Group! They were knowledgeable, professional and patient. They walked me through every step of the long process of getting treatment after my car wreck and kept me updated with timeframes and next steps. I would absolutely recommend anyone working with them!
They helped me with so much! I had a dog bite happen 2019 and it was very heart breaking! This law group made everything so easy to help me through a rough time! John Rogers and Shane Eckert were very easy to talk to and open about if I needed to talk about frustrations I had with bills. Everything got closed before Christmas and I was so blessed! I highly recommend them no matter what! Thank you guys so much!
Zinda Law Group helped me with my personal injury case after an auto accident. I was hurt pretty badly and I wasn't sure which attorney to call, I looked at reviews for Zinda Law and called right away.Kaitlin Nares and her team were so responsive and helpful. Kaitlin called me right away and helped me navigate through a very difficult process and time in my life. Being hurt in a car accident changes you!!! My case settled for more than I thought it would, and a lot quicker. I know sometimes things are more complicated, but my case was settled in only 3 months after my accident. Mary-Catherine was also so helpful in making sure everything was finalized! I have referred two people who have recently been in auto accident because it's not IF, its WHEN these days... I usually don't write reviews unless I feel strongly about sharing my experience to help others! Thank you!!!
My child and I were in an auto accident. Thankfully we were referred to Zinda Law Group. I can't say enough good things about our wonderful attorney, Cole Gumm. He has an amazing team. They went above and beyond for us. A special thank you to Jillian, Christina, and Raisa whom responded to our every call, email, and text in a timely manner. They were always courteous, professional and wonderful people to work with. Zinda Law Group took a very difficult experience and made it manageable. The process from beginning to end was thoroughly explained, and we were always kept informed of the progress of our case. If we ever had to meet or make appointments they always took our schedule into consideration. We were given realistic expectations, help setting up great medical care, they prepared us for & explained the next steps, and Cole negotiated to lower our medical bills. Our input, questions, and concerns were always addressed and treated with the utmost respect.If you are in need of an attorney, look no further I highly recommend Cole Gumm at Zinda Law Group.
I ended up getting hit by a car when I was at school at the age of 17. My whole life ended up changing after that accident and because of family matters I wasn't able to get help till I was 18. I found Zinda law firm and I can swear to anyone these guys will help you! I thought I wasn't gonna get justice till the members of Zinda proved me wrong. They got me all the help I needed and Justice was served because of them. I will forever be grateful!
I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with Zinda Law Group, specifically my incredible lawyer Kaitlin Nares and her paralegals Mary-Catherine Holt and Madison Grimes! Being involved in an accident is never easy but Katilin and her team alleviated so much of the frustration and confusion to let me focus on what was most important, feeling better. They handled everything promptly and kept me informed throughout the entire process. They even helped get me in touch with providers and I could not be any happier with the outcome of my case. I will suggest everyone and anyone to this incredible office. Seriously, RAVE REVIEW!!! Don't even look into any other firms, they won't take care of you even half as well as Zinda!
I was hit by a drunk driver on my way from work. My little sedan was pushed into a car in front of me and squeezed between the two like a tin can. Thankfully, I made it out without life threatening injuries, but I was hurt and my car was totaled. I’d never been in an accident before, so suddenly I found myself scared, lost at what to do, and in a lot of pain.A few days went by and I was feeling more and more overwhelmed trying to deal with the aftermath of the accident and my injuries. I needed treatment, but the insurance company of the driver at fault made it clear that they won’t make any concessions.I decided to seek representation so I could at least address my medical needs. I stumbled upon Zinda on Google maps after a couple of friend referrals didn’t work out. By this point I was beyond exhausted, stressed, and in so much pain.I met with Rian, who was very pleasant, knowledgeable, emphatic, and reassuring. Having no previous experience with this sort of thing I was scared that it somehow would be even harder to get the care I needed with legal representation. I didn’t know if I could afford it, didn’t know what I’d need to do, didn’t know if it would help me get past this accident, or if it would make my life even more difficult.So I decided to talk to the insurance one more time.The conversation went nowhere, my pain was getting worse, so I bit the bullet and called Zinda back. And I couldn’t be happier that I did.They took everything off my hands. I had to provide some documents, pictures, and a summary of the accident, that was it. I didn’t have to talk to a single insurance agent ever again.They immediately got me to an orthopedic doctor, physical therapy and regular therapy to overcome my fear of driving. All of this at no up front cost.Instead of trying to juggle returning to work (without a car) and getting any help from insurance my only job was getting better.I was helped by Jillian, Cole, Raisa, and Sydney. They were always extremely accommodating, detailed and, above all, personally caring. They fought for my case and treated me on a much higher level than just client- representative.My treatment and the legal battle ended up lasting about a year. In all this time the hardest thing I had to do was answer a few questions on a deposition form - the team took care of EVERYTHING else. As we approached the end of negotiations I was always promptly updated and presented with a list of options and professional advice. They really took such good care of me!My case has just been settled. I not only received extensive treatment for my injuries, but ended up with a great settlement sum (which I didn’t expect or really hope for, considering the insurance wasn’t even willing to help with medical bills before).I’m still not 100% well, I’m not sure I’ll ever be, having an accident really sucks, it’s painful, stressful, it drains the life out of you. But my Zinda team was the best thing that could happen to me in this situation. I found them through Google, so maybe my review will help someone else make the decision. You won’t regret it.P.S. the percentage you will be charged for representation is nothing compared to the work and care the team puts in. And you won’t have to pay a penny out of your pocket, ever.
Due to another’s extreme negligence in operating a faulty motor vehicle at a high rate of speed, my father was catapulted through the air and landed on his head. It is one of the worst things I have ever seen. I ran to help him in the immediate aftermath, and the hospital treated his horrific wounds. From then, it was Zinda that carried us the rest of the way. I was so lost within myself, but also lost in the unknown – how would we work this out? In addition to ongoing medical care, what next steps should we follow after leaving the hospital? How were we going to make my dad ok again? Whole again? And how were we going to afford all of this? That’s where Zinda came in, and what they immediately sought to answer. I remember our first meeting, and the kindness shown to us. Combined with Zinda’s sense of urgency, that made things better within the next 20 minutes. It was then that I felt at ease to let empathetic, attentive, acclaimed professionals take the reigns so that I could put all my focus into taking care of my dad. The wonderful medical records paralegals (Allie, Jessica, and Audrey) helped my dad set his medical appointments and made sure he got there. The outstanding paralegal staff (Julia and Amanda) patiently led us through necessary steps to help expedite ongoing processes. Chelsea (investigator) gathered all pertinent facts behind the scenes, and Joe and Chelsea (best attorneys possible to provide the services of their expertise) worked harder than I knew someone could in assuring us, guiding us, and updating us in the goings-on of our case, every step of the way. Their particular brand of professionalism and humanity were more than I could ask for in granting the help we needed. They cared about us, checked in on us, and encouraged us when we had concerns that we were stumbling through our case. They made us feel that we were in the best of hands (which we truly were), and that we would come out on the other side. And we did. Here we are. We are so grateful that we were afforded the assistance of these outstanding legal professionals, and that we got to know the stellar human beings that they are. Zinda made us whole again.
John Rogers handled my case very professionally. I got into an accident in February that was not my fault. Within just a few months everything was settled. I received a lot better care than I was expecting. All my calls & emails were returned in a timely manner. I would absolutely send any of my friends & family to zinda law firm if they are in such a predicament. Thanks again John, Regan, & many others who helped me receive way more than I ever expected. Thanks again. For everything
I was in a car accident theZinda law group are absolutely awesomeThey have been working so hard on my casethey have the personal touch and they went above and beyond my expectationsI have had the best experienceAnd I would highly recommend this companyThank you to everyone that has worked on my caseYou Guys Rock!! 🙏
When I got T-boned and didn't have health insurance I knew it was going to be a pain dealing with the insurance company and right away reached out to Zinda based on the recommendation from a friend. It was so much better than dealing with the insurance people myself. I got the care I needed without having to fight for it. It was a long process but even so I still got regular calls updating me on where we were in the process.
I highly recommend Zinda to anyone. They helped me negotiate with the insurance companies involved in my accident including my health insurance. I was able to recieve the maximum payout as well as having my medical bills reduced. They were very thorough and efficient. Was the beat decision I made. Thank you again Zinda Law.
Choosing Zinda Law was one of the best decisions ever. I was so lost on what to do after a car accident, but John Rogers and Colin McIver, along with Shane Eckert and Reagan were not only so helpful along the way, but they got me and my family the reimbursement we deserved. They always answered any questions I had and managed to even get me the healthcare I needed. Thank you, Zinda Law.
Brendan McQuaid was extremely professional helping my husband and I navigate my young son’s case. He provided guidance based on his past experiences and even did additional research to make sure we had all the information we could to make the best decisions. Brendan explained everything so we could understand and answered our many questions with patience. I choose Brendan because of other good reviews and I’m so glad I did. I highly recommend him for your legal needs.
Choosing Zinda Law is one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made in my life. The staff is super professional and extremely knowledgeable. Whenever I had a question or concern, it was answered in a timely manner.My attorney was Brendan McQuaid, and he was nothing short of spectacular. Brendan, Alexandra Evans, and the rest of their staff gave it their all for me. I am 100% satisfied with the outcome of how my case was handled.If you are actively looking for a Legal team and currently on the fence. Look no further, the Zinda Law Group is the place you want to be.
We were in an accident with a semi truck and hurt, after dealing with another lawyer we hired Zinda Law group. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! The team we had was excellent, I can’t say enough good things about Mara Havis and Jason Aldridge. Every call was answered, every need addressed and we were kept informed the entire time.When we had questions they were answered in plain English and explained to usAll of their staff are polite, professional and actually care about you as a person.They built a relationship with us to the point they ask about people by names.I would tell anyone who has been in an accident that needs a group of top level attorneys to help represent them to contact Zinda Law Group.
I loved the effectiveness of the way Cole, Sydney, Raisa, and Jillian worked with me during my whole process. I wouldn’t change anything they did because it was all super easy to understand and very straightforward. I liked the fact that if I didn’t understand something or had a problem with something on the paperwork they were right away to explain to me what is being said or told. I’m so happy I found them to help on my case and that they were one of the best due to the people we had to deal with in order to get my case finally settled. I wouldn’t have asked for a better group of people to help me through a case that should of been a one and done deal, that ended up being something like a nightmare. If you ever have a case go ahead and call this group you won’t be unsatisfied.
When my husband and I were rear ended we got a "offer" call from our insurance company. I was so in shock and upset that we were already being pushed out of the way by them. I decided i needed a strong representative on our side. I sent an email and no later than 10 minutes did Kaitlin respond. Kaitlin and her team went above and beyond anything we could imagine. I strongly recommend her for any legal matter in your life. We will definitely be keeping her in our contacts. 5 stars is not enough, Thanks again Zinda Law Group.
From beginning to end, Cole and his team were amazing. There was never a day that I couldn’t get my questions answered almost immediately. They were always kind and professional, all while making you feel like they really care about you, and your case. I will recommend this top notch team to everyone!
My mother and I had an excellent experience with the firm. Our group of attorneys was amazing. Hannah, Shaunte and the young lady that helped translate for my mother. The process was very easy for my mother and I to comprehend on every step of the way. The attorney was always avaible to answer our questions and concerns. The attorney and the team had constant communication every step of the way. even after the settelment was finalized.
Zinda law Group is very helpful and they took my case and they were very nice to me and they communicated with me and the called me to let me know what is going on my accident case and they kept me informed and I really appreciate Brandon McQuaid for helping me out with this accident case and I am happy with him and the Zinda Law Group.
Chelsea Cates represented me in a personal injury case and I can't say enough about her. She was professional, responsive and made sure I felt comfortable throughout the entire process. I had never been through a personal injury case (or any kind of legal case), but Chelsea eased my mind, and fought hard for me to get an appropriate settlement. I would absolutely recommend her and the Zinda Law Group!
This law firm is very helpful every step of the way. Brendan McQuaid, at Zinda Law Group was great to work with, he took great care of us. My daughter got hit by a sedan, while vacationing in Denver, Colorado and they took care of everything. Always answered any questions we had. I would highly recommend.
This place was amazing!! All the the staff were very knowledgeable, courteous and fast to help with any of your needs. Most importantly my lawyer's Mr. Burgess Willaims and Micheal Capero were amazing as was the paragal for Mr Burgess I believe her name was Nicole Laile. & Liam Michael they was very quick to anwer any questions and settle my worries while going through this process. I found this firm by doing my research on reviews on different places such s yelp, google etc. and these guys had great reviews and lots of them toltal. Theu may not have fancy or cheesy commercials or big billboards but rather they get the job done. My case was settled rather easily for more than I thoight I would recieve and it was settled out of court sacing me money and more time. Great job guys and gals at Zinda Law for doing me right and fighting for what we got.Thanks so much,Kris N.
I got hurt in an accident and didn't know what to do. Thankfully my husband found zinda law group. They immediately jumped in and gave us advice and started helping us . They are very helpful and made this easy and fast. Very responsive and quick to give us updates on our case. They handled so much for usI don't know what we would have done without them. I highly recommend this law group if you are wanting quick and professional results. They fully explain everything to where you can understand. I can't say enough good things about this amazing group. Thank you guys so much for all your hard work and dedication to my case
Thank You Zinda Law. I was rear ended by someone not paying attention to the road. I was confused and nervous about what would happen since I did not have health insurance. I knew I was going to need medical care but unsure of how I would get it? I was fortunate to find Zinda law. My two main attorneys, Cole & Sydney, were both professional, attentive, and available throughout my ordeal. They made sure I was always informed, and had a good understanding of what was going on each step of the way. I can’t say enough about the paralegals they had assisting. Raisa Hernandez and Jillian Masera both went above and beyond to make sure I was able to get the first class medical care I so desperately needed. Raisa must have he patience of Job after going over everything multiple times with me until she was sure I understood. Everyone at Zinda treated me with respect, courtesy, and dignity. If you’re on the fence about an attorney or whether you need one, it is well worth your time to give them a call. I am so happy I did. A+++++
This was my first time working with lawyers regarding a car accident. I had a great experience working with Sam Thomas and Jono Young, as well as their paralegals. Everyone was always exceptionally nice, easy to talk to, and considerate of my feelings and situation. I feel like they worked really hard to get me what I deserved, and I am satisfied with the outcome. I would definitely recommend Zinda Law Group.
Worked with Burgess and his team of professionals over the course of a year and a half. They were able to negotiate the highest settlement payment in my favor. They also jumped in to help with the insurance company with a payment of the devalue of my vehicle (which they did not have to do being that was outside of the personal injury claim). Recommended great physicians that had my best interest in mind that provided me with the care I needed!Would definitely consider this team in the future!
I went to my trusted attorney that I have trusted for years and asked Thomas Christian Fagerberg (criminal attorney)an excellent lawyer and good friend for a referral for a injury attorney he steered me towards Zinda Law Group. They took such good care of me like family. That's important when you have been injured in car wreck . They helped me through the fight with the insurance companies that tried to put all the blame on me . They made it a very smooth journey through the litigation of settling my case without paying a dime at my convenience.Also got me a settlement that was fair to me and paid my medical bills and left me with substantial amount in my pocket. I would referred them to anyone and if it happened again I would use them for second time with no hesitation.My thanks goes out the whole team there especially Burgess and Michael and Nicole. This law group was so professional and made you feel like one of your good friends was watching over you through the whole process.Thanks again Zinda Law Group I couldn't have done it without you. Sincerely Bob Hunter
The Zinda Law Group is a very good team they completely took my worries away about me being injured I never had to stress regarding payments or doctors appointments and I was always updated with any new information. I highly recommend them the people that helped me with my case wasSydney AbdullahJeffery youngCooper HawkinsJason AldridgeThey were all very nice and very helpful, they were always there whenever I had any questions.
I can't say enough good things about Zinda Law Group. My attorney, Brendan McQuaid, did a spectacular job of handling my case. He made everything go very smoothly, and made this process as easy as possible. He always returned my e-mails and calls promptly. He was the most reliable, competent and kind attorney. He answered any and all questions I had. He's very understanding and offered his support. If you're looking for a personal injury attorney, look no further. Brendan McQuaid at Zinda Law is the attorney for you!
Zinda Law Group's attorney Brendan McQuaid handled our injury case diligently. With his excellent attentiveness to detail, he examined all possible ways to seek what was right and just and protected my mother's best interests and those of myself. The Paralegal assigned to the case kept communication at ease by making sure all electronic and voice messages were promptly addressed. Their service gave us freedom of mind to focus on recovering from our injuries and to try to keep going with our lives after the car accident.
I have been working with Jason At Zinda Law for the past 1 3/4 years as they helped me through the process.Jason is amazing and has never failed to answer my questions or return my calls quickly.He is beyond doubt the perfect person to have helped me through my injuries taking away all the stress so that I could focus on healing.I would recommend Jason and his team to anyone looking to get satisfaction from an issue.
I would right a positive review over and over again about the WONDERFUL service that I received from the Zinda Law Group! I had the pleasure of working with Jason , Brenson and Mara. My case originally started back in 2017 and ended 2020 and the level of EXCELLENCE that I received during that entire time was unspeakable. Let's first start by accepting my case after knowing the long haul it would take to complete...thank you Zinda for not giving up on me. The communication from beginning to end was THE BEST! They provided constant feedback and always keep me one step ahead of what to expect next. I was so happy and grateful to be able to focus on my health and getting back on my feet which were major affects caused from the accident. I can't express my gratitude for Brenson, Jason and Mara...who I now consider my extended family!!! Of course I wouldn't wish an accident on anyone, but if ever in need Zinda Law Group will take GREAT care of you from begging to end!-Ebony Knox
I was in a minor rear end collision not too long ago and thought to myself, "oh no, this is going to be another 4yr prosses like with Frank Azar" not with Zinda law group. They got me the treatment I really needed and got me what I deserved before a year. My Attorney Brendon McQuaid was amazing. Always calling and emailing me just to see how I was doing. Thank you Zinda. I hope I'm not in another situation where I need your services, but if so I won't hesitate to call.
Christina Hagen was my attorney and honestly I couldn’t be happier. Don’t expect to get everything done in a month because the process is not like that. I got into a car accident where the other driver just drove away and I got injured. Thanks to my attorney I didn’t have to worry about ANYTHING. They gave a doctor and took care of all the insurance paperwork. I couldn’t be happier. I really recommend this firm, specially Christina!!
Most trusted Attorney I've ever had. They not only worked fast on my case, but they ensured my road to recovery began immediately. My Attorney and his team made my process less stressful for me throughout my case and provided an excellent level of communication my entire journey. I recommend that Zinda Law Group be anyone's first choice for their personal injury claims.
From the very first call to the closing of my case, Cole Gumm and his team were outstanding. Out of the many different attorneys, I don’t think choosing anyone other than Cole would’ve really measured up. Zinda Law really made me feel like they were “My Team” and not just another group of corporate people looking for a financial gain. If I needed anything at anytime, they were there for me right then and there. Raisa, my team’s paralegal, was amazing. She really took care of me when I was looking for information and updates. Needless to say, Cole, Raisa, and the rest of My Team became great friends that I know I can depend on! And if the need may ever arise, I will team up with them again and again!! Thank you Zinda Law ATX.
My Lawyer Cole Gumm was a blessing in my life! I kept losing my faith but he stayed in touch with me as well as his assistants to keep me updated on everything! May God bless y’all and if I need you for another accident I will be contacting you!!!! You went over and beyond and I can’t thank you and your team enough!
Zinda Law group is amazing, when I had to find a laywer for my young child i was extremly nervous and not knowing where to go and where to start. I google Zinda and just called, from the very first Phone call they were so professional and on it for me. It was so easy and they helped me every step of the way, they communicated very well with me and explianed everything to me. They have successfully settled my case with my child and I could not be happier that I choose Zinda Law Group. I will always reccomend Zinda to all my family and friends. JEFF, JASON, & MARA were amazing!!! Thank you Zinda law group.
I would highly recommend Zinda Law Group to help you with your injury or claim. When I got into my accident and lost everything I really didn't know what to do. I had great insurance (State Farm full coverage) but I still felt that something was missing and I needed someone to fight for me to make sure I was taken care of. When I spoke with ZLG they immediately assured me that they would fight for me and take care of the things that I couldn't. Taylor got me set up with the doctors and specialist immediately so I could get treatment and they started on my case right away. From start to finish it took about five months for Jason & ZLG to go after those who were at fault for my accident and injuries and satisfactorily settle my case.
Yo Serafin Benitez y mi familia nos sentimos muy satisfechos con el trabajo que a echo el señor Burgess William y su equipo para mi caso. Yo tuve un accidente donde un perro me ataco yo nunca pensé que algo hace pudiera pasarme Ami en el momento de estar haciendo un proyecto familiar para mejorar nuestro hogar. En esta ocasión lamentable mente yo perdí mi dedo anular de la mano derecha esto fue un trauma y algo que me impidió hacer muchas cosas que así antes como no poder trabajar. No pensé que una mordida de un perro fuera algo que un abogado pudiera ayudar con.Pero el abogado Burgess Williams y su equipo hicieron todo lo possible para que yo tuviera el mejor resulta de. mi accidente. Sé que mi dedo no lo puedo recuperar pero todas las terapias que obtuve me ayudaron a obtener movimiento de mi mano completa y de mis dedos gracias a eso pude regresar al trabajo. Yo recomiendo a este buffet de abogados y me siento muy contento con todo lo que me an ayudado. Gracias al abogado Burgess Williams y su equipo por to me siento muy satisfecho con todo el trabajo que an echo.
I was referred here by a family member. Our lawyer jason and his team did and amazing job. They kept me updated in everything made sure I understood what was going on. My son was hit by a van in the hospital jason came right over. He's awesome so much down to earth straight forward. I would recommend him and his firm to everyone and I have thank you zinda but most of all thank you Jason for being there for us for being a friend
Zinda Law Group was recommended to me from another satisfied client and I certainly received excellent service. The attorneys and staff are very proactive with communication and I knew every step of the way what was happening on my case. I never felt pressured with decision making and they went above & beyond to answer questions with satifactory explanations. This is a very professional group of attorneys & support staff. In addition, they were willing to meet me at a location more convenient for me. I appreciated their concern for my time.
Could not speak highly enough of the firm. I was involved in my first accident and thankfully had Zinda Law Group supporting me through the scary time. Jono took care of me every step of the way. He made me feel like I was a priority through the entire process. A big thank you to Jono and the rest of the Zinda crew!
At this time we want to thank Zinda Law Group for taking our case and handling in a fast professional manner. During our tragic personal injury event we found comfort knowing Zinda Law was handling every detail of our case and exceeded our expectations. No one wakes up in the morning expecting tragedy to strike, but if it does we would highly recommend Zinda Law Group to anyone that should need their service. A very special thanks to everyone that worked diligently on our behalf.Sincerely,Blane and Cindy Colbert
When I come to Zinda Law Group with my case, I didn't know what to Expect. And I meet Joe Caputo, and I was unsure of his experience and that He would represent my best interest because he was . But after I Started to work with Joe and getting to know him and his staff I realize that That they truly were concern about my best interest. And through all the Doctors appointments and the travel arrangements Amanda Kenney made Sure everything was correct. I never meet Amanda In person, but we have talk so much on the phone... She is truly a Remarkable person and an asset to Zinda Law Group and Laura as well.Joe Caputo I take my hat off to you Sir. And thank you for the job you Have done you are truly a professional attorney. And I will recommend You and Zinda Law Group to anyone needing a professional attorney.May GOD continue to bless you and this Law firm.
Zinda Law Group has been in my corner and fighting for what I deserve every since my accident. Jason was my lawyer & he explained the process step by step and always kept me updated on new information. They are constantly there to help with any questions I may have had, and are extremely compassionate. I am definitely happy with my decision to choose Zinda Law Group to represent me. They are AWSOME!
First off I want to give a big Thank you to Zinda Law Group for everything they did for me and being on team Anna. Zinda Law group took over the case and I was stress free for the year my case was open. My lawyer Jason was super awesome, as well as his paralegals Nicole and Mara. They kept me up to date with the progress of my case and setup all appointments with the correct doctors. They assured me at the beginning that everything was taken care of. I loved that they called me every week to see how I was doing and feeling and they always put a smile on my face and made me laugh on my bad days. It was a pleasure to work with Jason and the Zinda Law Group. I highly recommend anyone who needs legal assistance to get in contact with Zinda Law group and I will definitely recommend my family and friends because they were caring and compassionate the whole time. Thank you again Jason, Nicole and Mara.
I worked with Brendan McQuaid at Zinda Law Group for my accident case. He was really great to work with, from our initial meeting where he took the time to explain the entire process through to completing the case. I was not always easy to work with or get in touch with because of a crazy work and school schedule but Brendan was patient and always kept in touch. When the other insurance company kept trying to minimize my injuries and our case he kept working to get the best result. I would definitely recommend him and their team to anyone needing an attorney.
I had a great experience working with Jason, Branson and the rest of the staff! They are very professional and transparent about my case. They kept me informed about my case progress and was realistic about when I would have a resolution. I am very thankful for the team I worked with and would surely recommend them!! Thank you everyone at Zinda law group!
Burgess Williams and his team handled my case quickly, meticulously and professionally. I asked Burgess in the beginning of this process to not sugar coat anything, just give me the facts on the situation and foreseeable future. Which he did every time we spoke either on the phone, webcam call etc. Him and his team gave very good advice and let me make my decisions without any pressure. I highly recommend him and Zinda Law in general to anyone looking for these services. If your in doubt about hiring a lawyer call them talk to them, it will make your decision process easier once you hear what they can do for you.
I worked with Brendan and Jason. They made sure I was informed every step of the way. Their communication is timely and thorough. I realized during my process that they cared about my case not just a number. I would definitely recommend Zinda law firm to my family and friends thank you again for helping me through this situation.
Zinda Law Group helped me when everybody else in El Paso Texas Law Firms did not. My son was in a car accident with an uninsured car according to her, but was lying. Mr Butler, one of the attorneys at Zinda Law Firm helped us and took care of it. All other Law firms wouldn't even take our case, but Attorney Rian Butler did and worked professionally and had us taken care of. Thanks Mr. Butler
I am beyond grateful for Brendan McQuaid at Zinda Law Group. My 4 year old daughter and I were involved in a pretty bad car accident in Colorado Springs on Mother’s Day of 2018. In a time like that it just felt like my life was crumbling down around me. I was out of work for many months, my new vehicle that I had for 2 days was now totaled and I became upside down on my loan, bills started to pile up and while I was at a standstill in life - life certainly did not wait for me... it kept on and the longer I was out of work, the harder things got for me and my family. I did have to have arthroscopic surgery on my shoulder but other than that - I thank god we got through the car accident with just superficial bumps and bruises.After a long road of physical therapy for myself and counseling for my daughter, Brendan McQuid with Zinda Law Group kept constant communication with me regarding updates with the case and what steps are being taken the whole way through - and towards the end... Zinda was able to get me and my daughter the money that we deserve because of the negligence of the at fault driver. I recommend them 💯% for ANYONE going through hard times after an accident.Thanks, Brendan!!
This was my first real major car accident of my life, and I have never been more frightened than coming to terms with the thought that I might have had to go through this experience alone as the weight of the impact of the accident started to settle into my life. I didn’t know anything about this group when I called. I just reached out to the first group I could find on google that had reputable reviews to try and get everything started before I caved in trying to pursue anything for my personal injuries. The whole process was still an absolute nightmare, but I know if I hadn’t of had Zinda Law group guiding me through the best steps to take for everything...I would have fared out a lot worse than I did going through this entire experience. Thank you Christina, Shane and Colin for your persistence with helping me find a suitable resolution for one of the worst times of my life.
When I was in accident, I was appointed a lawyer Brendan McQuaid. I told him everything and he took over from there. I didnt have to do anything but sit back. He details every actions taken from the physical care to all fought to get me the max back from all the time I was outta work due to the accident. Thanks zinda law/ Brendan McQuaid.
Brendan took my case on Christmas when he was with his family, and treated me like family from then, on. He advised me from start to end of my case how and where to take the appropriate steps necessary to ensure my health and well-being came first. He basically took care of everything. He was easy to work with and easy to talk to. He is just a great person, all around.He was never testy or rude, even when I was impatient about getting certain answers for the case. He always kept it completely professional and answered any questions I had to the best of his ability. He briefed me when I would be getting calls from adjustors, and filed my bills, and made everything so easy, which is so important after you've been in an accident out of no fault of your own, in which you were hurt. The last thing you want to do is have those added stresses. Brendan made it so my case was never stressful. The only thing I had to worry about was getting better, and even that was easier with the care he directed me to.I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer, and I'm so glad that he got back to me first when I called Zinda Law Group to talk about my case. I suggest Brendan McQuaid to anybody who has been injured in a car accident of which you were not at fault. I am so grateful to him for settling my case and helping me to heal in every way possible!
I came to the Zinda Law Group in Denver, CO based on the recommendation to work with Brendan McQuaid. Brendan was recommended by another attorney who noted his good relationships with the insurance companies, which was something I valued after being involved in an accident. Brendan was professional through every correspondence, and took the time to walk me through the specifics. I would recommend Brendan and Zinda Law Group to anyone who is looking for representation. I was more than satisfied with the timely resolution of my claim.
We were recommended to Zinda Law and Brendan McQuaid by an attorney who knew that Brendan and the firm would handle our auto injury claim in the most professional manner. Brendan is a top notch attorney well respected by insurance companies. He walked us through the process and explained everything to my daughter and made her feel that she was in good hands. Our claim was settled timely and very favorable results.
In March of 2018 I was rear-ended at a stoplight. I contacted Zinda Law Group. Cole Gumm was assigned to represent me. Cole Gumm and team set the standard of what it means to be represented in a professional way. Everything was like clockwork. I always knew what was going on and I was eager to have them represent a friend of mine who was in a car accident as well. One year later our cases are settled and we are both exceedingly happy. I highly recommend Zinda Law Group to handle all your legal needs.
Thankful and blessed beyond words to the Zinda Law Group in Austin, Texas. Our attorney Mr Cole Gumm and his team took on two cases for us and went above and beyond. A special thank you to Raisa whom responded to my every call, email, and text in a timely manner, was always courteous, professional and an amazing person to work with. Zinda Law Group took a life changing and very unpleasant experience and made it manageable. The process from beginning to end was thoroughly explained, we were always kept informed of the progress of both cases, when and if we ever had to meet our schedule was always taken into consideration (so much so they came to us on several occasions), given realistic expectations, negotiated to lower medical bills, spoke on our behalf about being without a vehicle while waiting for the other persons ins company to accept liability, and more.Our input, questions, and concerns always addressed & most importantly treated with the utmost respect.If you are in need of an attorney, look no further I highly recommend Zinda Law Group.
Andrew and the Zinda Law team really took care of me. I've never been in any situation like this. Everyone was patient and allowed me to really conceptualize the details. I owe a lot to Andrew. He answered all of my questions thoroughly and without a doubt, I would choose him and his team again if I had to. Thanks a lot guys!
When I got into an accident and I google for Lawyers in San Antonio I came across Zinda Law Group. They were friendly but also firm in all the steps I needed to take to be able to settle my case. When the person I was suing took awhile to respond and I was loosing hope and patience I could call them and they ensured me everything was going to be okay. This has been my first law suit and I am 100% satisfied with how Zinda Law Group handle everything. They are really good with keeping you updated with your case and also willing to help you in anything you need with your case, the walk through process was pain free and easy. The settlement did not take long at all and as always updated me every step of the way. I cannot Thank Them Enough!
After my accident I called several attorneys and Zinda Law was the only one that responded immediately. I am so grateful for everything the did for me. Rolando Quesada and his team always answered all of my questions and always kept me posted, they are wonderful and I would recommend Zinda Law Group to anyone. --- Erika Lumbreras
I would recommend Zinda Law Group to anyone that needs a personal injury attorney! When searching for an attorney in my case (hit by a cement truck), I came across their link and right away chatted on line with someone. Within the hour I had a phone call and the next day Kelsey came to my home instead of me going to the office over an hour away. Wow, who does that? Zinda does!. Through my case Joe Caputo followed me through the whole thing and explained everything to me in terms I could understand. Joe always made me feel like my case was top priority no matter how big or small. He gave me the best advice on steps I should take all the while leaving the decisions in my court. If ever needed in the future (hopefully not) Joe will be getting a call from me.
Nothing but top notch professionals at the Zinda Law group!!I would like to thank Burgess Williams, Holly Todd an their team for all they did for me! After being involved in a horrible accident and no way to pay for medical and feeling hopeless! Burgess and his team went way above what I would exspect! They not only got me a more than fare settlement they also made sure that I received top notch medical care for my injuries! If it wasn’t for these folks I would of never would of received the medical care I needed! They were always on top of my case, very responsive and attentive to my case and specific needs!Thank you Mr. Williams! I would highly recommend this firm!!
Zinda Law Group was wonderful with my case. They treated me as a person and not just a pay check. They kept me informed every step of the way. If I had any questions they answered them promptly, if they didn't know the answer they found it out and got back to me. Cole Gumm and his paralegal team were so wonderful. I really appreciate them working so hard to get me back as much as possible from my accident. They also provided all the doctors and set all the doctor appointments. Thank you Zinda Law Group and Cole Gumm and his paralegal team.
I was rear ended by a commercial dump truck in August, 2017. My car was totaled and I had a back injury that resulted in several procedures to reduce my pain level. Every detail of my medical care was taken care of, from doctor appointments, reminders, and payment arrangements. I never felt alone. I am so happy I chose Zinda Law Firm! My attorney, Joe Caputo, along with his amazing crew, could not have been more understanding, dedicated, or knowledgeable. Julia was amazing! She was always available, always asked how I was feeling, and answered any questions I had. Alaina and Amanda were smart, informative, and caring. I did not feel like another "case". I was a person, someone that needed help. I received all the help I could've needed, and some that I didn't even know to ask for. My case was professionally handled from beginning to end, and I am very pleased with the final outcome. I would recommend Zinda law group to anyone that has been injured in a car accident!
Zinda Law Firm is more than a law firm! They are people who listen to every word, help guide you through the maze of insurance and medical, and recognize your needs. I was in pain, confused, and had lost my second job from an accident that was not my fault. My first call was with a receptionist who was very kind and listened to everything through my tears. She then had SanJuanita call me and she made an appointment for me to see Jason Albright. Jason came to see us in Round Rock and gave us a folder of things he needed from my husband and myself. Jason like SanJuanita listened to every detail of our situation and helped us make the best decision on how to proceed to take care of our injuries. There will be someone from the law firm checking on you at least weekly and always available when you have a question. What you will get from this Law Firm is people who care about you; not how much they can get you and that makes all the difference - because they listen.
Attorney Rolando Quesada I would like to send big thanks out to for helping me with my legal matters and delivering outstanding results! As a top personal injury lawyer he is aggressive, hard working and I felt he really cared about me as a client. He will be my 1st call if I ever need legal services in the future.
It has been a positive experience working with the Zinda Law Group they have been very helpful working on my case.Don’t try fighting by yourself…They helped me a lot and I don’t have the words to thank them.If you have a legitimate claim and you want the best then give the  Zinda Law Group a call. Why settle for less when you can have the best.
My daughter and I had a head on collision. Both of us suffered broken bones and were laid up in bed for nearly 10 months. Zenda Law Group took over and did everything for me.Neil Solomon and elicia were the angels in our outfield. Every question was answered. Every fear was faced head-on with their help and advice. I could not have asked for a better team to have on my side. Not only did they solve all my questions and problems they also made me feel like I was still alive. A car accident when you could have had your life taken from you. A new life because you had to change everything you do daily and depend on somebody when you were so independent. These are things that I went through daily from May 25th 2017 till now February 2nd 2018. Even though my life change completely my routine was different my Independence was gone and this fear had overcome me that I could not Shake. Neil Solomon and his team members at Zinda Law Group are the most amazing people and supportive people I've ever worked with. Yes if I ever had another tragedy happened to me like my car accident I would definitely call Neil right away.Neil answered every text every email every phone call if he couldn't one of his team members dead I got everything I needed and the money for the settlement is on its way. He worked with the hospital's the doctors EMS and the party that hit me he handled it all. I could never repay Neil Solomon ores in the Law Group for what they have given me and my family.
I am so thankful that I went with Zinda Law group after my auto accident because they did a phenomenal job on my case and the entire team was amazing!!Jason Aldridge was very responsive and I appreciated his upfront discussions; he tells it like it is, which I loved because my time is valuable! Ryan Toomey was great, he worked quickly to answer my questions or to call me back and keep me posted. Mara was amazing, she was great at following up and keeping me up to date on any needs they had for me. This is an awesome team and I highly recommend this law firm!
I am very thankful that I found this firm to assist me with me long drawn out case. My struggles began with another firm I used before Zinda Law Group, that I ultimately dropped. I wasn't put as a priority or ever spoke to the person/legal team representing me; everyone was rude and unprofessional. I found myself being put on the back burner. I reluctantly did my research stumbling upon a firm that wasn't more concerned with commercial marketing than their clients. My first impressions of Zinda Law Group was how well the office staff treated my call with importance and set me up with whom would be handling my case, my first conversation with a lawyer! I had all my questions answered and got to the nitty gritty of my case, having been explained my case strengths and weaknesses. The call wasn't rushed nor were any others that were ever made. Cole Gumm and the rest of the legal team were eager to assist with my case and kept me posted with my case via email or phone. I was quite taken back with the status upkeep of my case, I never felt left in the dark. Joe Caputo was amazing at keeping me up to speed with where my case was going! I always had someone to answer my questions and accommodate me when I moved out of state. I recommend this firm to anyone looking for a good injury lawyer! Thank you everyone at Zinda Law Group!!!!!!
Rachel Craig offers great work ethic and boundless devotion to her clients. Her passion for helping people through tough times is evident by her attention to detail and intense focus for finding the greatest possible outcome for her clients. If you find yourself in a situation where you need an attorney, you cannot go wrong with Rachel.
I cannot recommend Rachel Craig highly enough. She has helped me tremendously on several occasions. Each time, she was professional, knowledgable, and easy to talk to. She takes her time to really listen to every detail of my case. She is always willing to help me and answer my questions. I am extremely grateful for her kindness and generosity.If you are ever in the unfortunate situation of needing a family law attorney, Rachel will put you at ease and you will wish you called her sooner!
I worked with Holly Davis to finalize my divorce. Although it was a difficult personal time for me, everyone at Zinda & Davis made me feel comfortable with the entire process. They managed to find that perfect balance between being professional and caring at the same time. Holly's legal expertise was impressive and lead to a very successful settlement. I also had a very critical timeline to meet and Holly met my deadline while not compromising the final outcome. Holly listened to my ideas and questions and provided excellent advice. I would highly recommend Zinda & Davis!


Skiing and snowboarding accident compensation can be difficult to calculate from the outset of a skiing personal injury claim, but it does follow some basic principles. Compensation is typically made up of economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are things like medical bills, lost wages from being unable to work, and damage to personal property. Non-economic damages include the pain and suffering that you experience as a result of your injuries, and this can be both physical and emotional suffering.

Learn More: How to Calculate the Value of Case


Zinda Law Group has offices across the country to be able to provide you with the resources of a large firm while at the same time providing you with the individualized attention of a local office. In addition, we believe that an accident victim shouldn’t have to worry about their ability to afford legal representation, which is why we use a no-win, no-fee policy—you don’t pay your injury lawyer anything unless we win your case.

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